Gigabyte B660 Aorus Master DDR4 motherboard test. A meaningful alternative to the Z690

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A good motherboard with a B660 chipset may be a better choice than a regular board with a Z690 chipset. This is what the Gigabyte with the B660 Aorus Master DDR4 is trying to show us.

It is common on the market today that motherboards with different chipsets intersect in price. For the same price, you can get a very well-equipped motherboard without the possibility of clocking and rather austere, but still well-equipped motherboard with the ability to clock processors. And this situation also occurs with the Gigabyte B660 Aorus Master DDR4, its recommended price is about 5,500 CZK, which is the starting price for motherboards with the Z690 chipset.

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This motherboard is offered in two versions: with support for DDR4 and DDR5 RAM. We focused on the DDR4 variant, which is more interesting. DDR5 memories are expensive, unavailable, and do not deliver reasonably higher performance at a higher cost. Both variants are the same except for this parameter.

The board is also well equipped in terms of connectors on the back and internal ones. The base is three M.2 slots (one is shared with the middle PCIe slot), there is no lack of Wi-Fi, on the back is a pile of USB ports including USB-C 2 × 2, two video ports, 2.5Gb / s LAN and five analog audio outputs and one digital. One potential shortcoming is the absence of PCIe 5.0, which some Asus motherboards in this price range can do on the same chipset, but the use of this standard remains very limited for the time being.

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