Google Calendar enhances email invitations. They have a more modern design and better indicate changes

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If you invite other participants to a meeting or event on Google Calendar, they’ll receive an email invitation that looks exactly the same for many years. There’s nothing wrong with that – invitation e-mails are relatively clear and you can easily read everything important from them: what the event is, what time it takes place, where and who organizes it.

However, Google has concluded that a fresh wind is needed in this regard. He therefore announced modernization of e-mail invitationswith the biggest change from the original design being the arrangement of the message body content into two columns.

Click for larger image The original version of the Google Calendar invitation

Google Calendar upgraded invitations

It must be acknowledged that the new design is relatively clear – the name of the event, date and time come first. The following is a list of invited guests and buttons through which you can respond to the invitation – that is, accept it, reject it, or answer “maybe.”

Below is more information, structured into two columns. While on the left part there is a description (if filled in by the organizer), date, time and a list of invited guests, the right part contains a better visible button for connecting via Google Meet, contacts and possible attachments instead of the current simple link.

Click for larger image
New version of Google Calendar invitation

“We are updating the layout of emails sent through Google Calendar. By making key event data more accessible and useful, this update allows you to find and act on the most important event information faster. ” notifies Google on the Google Workspace Updates blog.

Everyone can look forward to the news

New version of invitations in addition indicates in more detail any changes made by the organizer: “When you receive an email notifying you of an event change, such as a time or location change, you’ll see both the original and updated information.” The changes made are also highlighted in a green box above the content of the invitation.

The new version of email invitations will be activated gradually for customers using Google Workspace, G Suite Basic and G Suite Business solutions, as well as regular users. For domains with faster access to news, it will be released from Monday, June 13, and everyone else will see it from June 27 to 30.

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