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Google extends Chrome support in Windows 7 for another year

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Do you still use Windows 7? You shouldn’t, because this version of Microsoft’s operating system was no longer supported a long time ago. Almost two years ago, to be precise. What does that mean? In general, if Windows are security sensitive systems, without Microsoft’s attention they directly become risks to avoid.

Even so, there are many people who, instead of upgrading their systems to later versions that are still being serviced, prefer to be content with what is without support for … who knows. In the case of Windows 7, it’s one of the most popular versions Microsoft has released and the success of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 doesn’t seem to have helped motivate anyone to switch.

And Windows10? Over time, Windows 10 has won the trust of most Microsoft users as a replacement that is equal to and even superior to Windows 7, but for some reason the latter continues to maintain a global market share. Corresponding StatCounter data, Windows 7 is by far the most used Windows version after Windows 10.

windows 7 chrome

But we’re not just talking about Windows 7. The message we’re bringing you is that if you’re one of those people who, for whatever reason, is still using Windows 7, you can still trust it Chrome for another yearwhich is not bad at all. At long last, The web browser is one of the applications that is most exposed to the network and to attacks, so it is a plus if it is updated well.

In this regard, we remind you that Google has set the end of Chrome support for Windows 7 on January 15, 2022; but they also left the door open to extend that support, as has been done. The new date that Chrome users should note in Windows 7 is this January 15, 2023, the same date Microsoft Edge said goodbye to this version of the system.

Anyway, the underlying problem is Windows 7, and not the browsers that can still be used in it. And whether or not an updated browser is used, Windows 7 is now synonymous with danger. So, if you find yourself in this situation, think that the best thing you can do is make the leap to … Windows 10, yes.

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