Google is converging services. You can also join a call in Meet from Documents, Spreadsheets or Presentations

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Google further links its working tools. He announced a major integration initiative last May. In February this year, it launched the integration of Chat and Meet with Gmail, thanks to which you can switch with e-mails, chats or Meet in one window.

The most common effort is then focused on office tools Documents, Tables and Presentation. The development team integrates Meet into them, so for example, they come straight from an open presentation connect to an ongoing call. You can share your presentation with others.

The previous integration seemed to allow you to share your documents, spreadsheets, or presentations in an ongoing meeting. This time you can fully connect, it’s not just about sharing content. The feature has been distributed since April 12, and the process will take several weeks.

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Meet integrates more closely into Google’s office tools
(animation: Google / Google Workspace Updates)

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