Google is killing one of its oldest and most useful services.

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On June 16, 2022, the Google Talk messenger will cease to exist. He earned in August 2005, after which Google began to actively fill it with new features. In April 2012, the reverse process began – Google began to gradually deprive Talk of various features. This went on for over 10 years. For those who still use Talk, Google is offering to switch to its new Chat messenger.

Google Talk is shutting down for good

Google has announced its readiness to completely disable its Talk service. The project is one of the very first Google services – at the end of August 2022, it could celebrate its 23rd anniversary.

In other words, Talk came a little over half a year after YouTube, which has been active since mid-February 2005. Talk will be discontinued on June 16, 2022.

Google Talk is a cross-platform instant messaging service. If modern messengers are limited to three to five supported operating systems, then Talk has learned to work on 11 systems over the years of its existence. In addition to the standard Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android, the list includes Chrome OS, Windows Mobile, webOS, Maemo, Blackberry 10, and BlackBerry OS.

10 years to destroy

Google Talk has been based on the XMPP (eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol), formerly known as Jabber, from the very beginning. It is an open protocol designed to carry text messages as well as online presence information, plus it allows messages to be sent to those who are not connected to the Internet at the time of sending. Thanks to the use of XMPP, third-party applications began to appear over time, capable of working on the Google Talk network and replacing standard software.


Google is known for being ruthless with its services that have fallen out of favor.

The active phase of Talk’s development fell on the first seven years of the service’s existence. Google regularly integrates new features into it, expanding the possibilities of online communication.

The process of gradually killing the messenger began in the last days of April 2012. During this period, Google announced the complete cessation of work on improving the Talk mobile web application, which is part of the messenger ecosystem. At the same time, a decision was made to permanently close this application.

In June 2012, Google revealed its plans to take down Talk as a standalone messenger. At that time, she already had several messaging services, which she developed in parallel.

Talk was destined to merge with Hangouts and Google Messenger. By doing so, Google tried to reduce the confusion and fragmentation of its messengers.

Google Talk on the screen of one of the classic Blackberry smartphones

The merger took place almost a year later – in mid-May 2013, Google representatives announced that Talk would exist along with Messenger as part of the Google+ Hangouts service.

Phasing out of Talk

The next step in the complete destruction of Talk was the disabling of the proprietary service application under Windows. Google announced it at the end of October 2014. The plan was implemented on February 23, 2015, but users could use the utility for another five days. After this period, when trying to connect to the servers, the program began to display a message about an incorrect login / password.

Hybrid integration platform can reduce time-to-market and development costs


After that, Google seemed to have forgotten about the existence of Talk, as new restrictions on its operation were no longer announced. This continued until March 2017, when the corporation announced the impending closure of the Talk app for Android and the Talk plugin for the Gmail email service. They stopped working at the end of June 2017.

Throughout Talk’s gradual phasing out, only one feature continued to function properly and was not attacked by the developers. In this case, we are talking about support for third-party clients, including Pidgin and Gajim, and the XMPP protocol itself.

Pidgin is one of the few third-party clients that still supports Google Talk.

In May 2022, it became known that Google was going to disable this as well, which would finally put Talk on the list of inoperable services. It should be noted that in May 2022 this did not come as a surprise. Google first announced its intentions back in March 2017, but did not name the exact date for the end of support.

Replacement is ready

In an announcement announcing Talk’s imminent closure, Google urges all users to migrate to the more modern Chat, launched in March 2017, as soon as possible. “To continue chatting, we recommend using Google Chat. Using chat groups, you can schedule, share, collaborate on files, and assign tasks,” Google said in a statement. It also says that if the user tries to sign in to Talk on or after June 16, 2022, they will only see an error message.

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Internet of Things

Google Chat is still the same Hangouts Chat. It was originally developed for Google business users, but was later made available to everyone. The service received its current name in April 2020.

Google Chat is one of two applications designed to replace Hangouts. The second is called Meet and is a video conferencing service. As CNews reported, from June 2021 Meet can be used free of charge.

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