Google Maps will display toll prices and allow navigation from Apple Watch or Siri

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Google is improving its map application with new features that you will especially appreciate when planning a trip, but also for everyday travel. In addition to traffic information, speed limits and other data, paid and unpaid sections will now be included in the maps. The application will draw information directly from local authorities in the country, so the driver will even see prices in one place.

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Google Maps in the coming weeks will allow you to plan your route according to paid and unpaid sections, while immediately displaying toll prices and traffic at the time. (image: Google)

In addition, the driver will see this information, including the price estimate, at the beginning before starting the navigation. The application will also show him the cost of using a toll card and other payment methods. Here they will also see the prices on a specific day or time when he intends to drive along the road. If, on the other hand, the driver is not a fan of paid sections, he can have the free ones filtered out.

The maps will also receive more detailed data. Traffic lights, STOP signs and other details will appear on the maps, from the shape of the road to the capture of islands in the road. Google then prepared special improvements for iPhone users. Maps will be available in the form of widgets on which the user will see a preview of the route and arrival time.

Google Maps are also more integrated with Siri and Spotlight search and will be easier to find within the system. With Shortcuts, you can even speed up frequently used actions in Google Maps, such as home navigation, and more. A very welcome novelty will be the possible navigation directly from the watch. The presented news will be available to users as early as April and will gradually come in the coming weeks. However, selected countries, led by the USA, will be the first to see.

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