The new Google Assistant driving mode will replace the Android Auto mobile app from Android 12


With the arrival of Android 12, the Android Auto app that acts as a substitute for the authentic experience designed by Google to manage the mobile through the car, will go down in history. But it won’t do so without an alternative taking its place, because, let’s be honest, not everyone has a “smart” car.

Thus, while there are Android Auto users who use it through the browsers integrated in the vehicles themselves, there are some who have to settle for doing everything through their mobile phone, which in Android Auto mode facilitates the use of applications such as Google Maps, music players and the like, reducing the attention that one must put on the screen to follow a route or change the subject.

However, it is an imperfect method that as of the release of Android 12, it will no longer be available in the operating system. Rather, it will be replaced by the new Google Assistant driving mode, which the company has been testing for a few months now. The advantage of this new method is that it is better adapted to the task, showing the essential elements and further freeing the driver’s attention.

Google Assistant driving mode

The new driving mode of the Google Assistant will take care of everything from Android 12

” The driving mode of the Google Assistant is our next evolution of the mobile driving experience, ” they explain from Google , clarifying that “For people who use Android Auto in compatible vehicles, that experience will not disappear. For those who use the experience on the phone (Android Auto mobile app), they will be switched to the new Google Assistant driving mode. Starting with Android 12, the Google Assistant driving mode will be the built-in mobile driving experience.

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In summary, those who currently use Android Auto on mobile and update to Android 12, will lose this ability, although they will gain in exchange the new Google Assistant driving mode. Those who do not update the version of the system, will be able to continue using Android Auto as before. The same for those who use Android Auto directly from their car’s navigator, nothing changes for them.

Google is expected to launch Android 12 by the end of this year, with no specific date closed for now, and as is obvious, there are many new features that this new version of the system will bring, beyond the changes related to Android Auto. That said, between the release of the new version of Android and the manufacturers distribute the update, it usually takes a few months, so there is no rush.

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