Google’s Russian subsidiary files for bankruptcy

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The Russian “daughter” of Google applied to the court with a request to declare it bankrupt. The arrest of accounts due to the loss of a number of litigations with representatives of the Russian media made the further work of the company impossible. Earlier, Google took the employees of the Russian office abroad and began to turn off the equipment that improves the operation of its services in Russia.

Ready for bankruptcy

Google LLC, a Russian legal entity of the American corporation Google, filed a bankruptcy petition with the Moscow Arbitration Court, writes Forbes. The case is assigned to the judge Valery Marasanov, follows from the data of the file cabinet of arbitration cases. A meeting date has not been set at the time of publication of this material.

The Russian structure of Google announced its readiness to declare itself insolvent as early as May 18, 2022. Then a representative of the company, in a conversation with CNews, said that the arrest of the Google Russia bank account made it impossible for the Moscow office to work.

At the same time, the company promised that despite the likely bankruptcy of the Russian legal entity Google, Russians will be able to continue using its free Internet services, in particular, a search engine, maps, YouTube; as well as the Android mobile operating system.


Google opened a Russian representative office in 2006. At the end of 2021, its revenue exceeded 134 billion rubles. This is 1.6 times more than in 2020. During this period, the Russian “daughter” from the profitable – 1.7 billion rubles. net profit in 2020 – became unprofitable – net loss in 2021 amounted to 26.4 billion rubles.

Google vs everyone

In the spring of 2022, the confrontation between Google and the Russian authorities escalated in connection with a special Russian military operation in Ukraine. As a result, Roskomnadzor blocked access to the Google news aggregator due to the distribution of “numerous materials containing false information about the situation in Ukraine.”

A series of legal proceedings with representatives of the Russian media continued, which did not benefit Google and hit hard on the wallet of its “daughter”.

At the beginning of June 2022, the Moscow Arbitration Court arrested the accounts and property of the Russian subsidiary of Google in the amount of 1 billion rubles. on two claims of VGTRK. The state television company demanded to restore access to its channels on the YouTube video hosting service owned by the corporation and to collect a penalty from Google.

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IT in banks

In early May 2022, the Moscow Arbitration Court arrested Google’s money and property for 500 million rubles. This decision was the result of blocking the YouTube account of the NTV channel.

At the beginning of April 2022, an amount of 1 billion rubles was withdrawn from Google accounts. as a penalty, which, by court decision, Google paid the Tsargrad TV channel for blocking its YouTube channel.

At the end of March 2022, the Moscow Arbitration Court arrested the accounts and property of the Russian office of Google at the suit of the subsidiary of Gazprom-Media holding GPM Entertainment Television for another 500 million rubles. for blocking her YouTube channels.

Google winds down business in Russia

Google began preparing to close its Moscow office long before it filed for bankruptcy. In March 2022, the company began moving employees out of Russia. A significant part of those who agreed to the relocation was sent to Dubai (UAE). Those who did not want to move were fired.

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In May 2022, Google began shutting down the servers of the Google Global Cache network located in Russia, which, in particular, ensures the rapid delivery of Google content (including YouTube videos) to customers of Russian Internet providers.

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