Goznak transfers its workflow from Microsoft software to Russian DBMS

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Goznak is transferring its workflow system from Microsoft SQL Server to the Russian Postgres Pro DBMS. 24.7 million rubles were allocated for the transition. Based on the analysis of public procurement, this is the largest purchase of Postgres Pro by Goznak. The system is purchased for the St. Petersburg Mint, as well as other directorates and branches.

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As CNews found out, the state enterprise Goznak is transferring its electronic document management system from Microsoft SQL Server DBMS to Postgres Pro of the Russian company Postgres Professional. For these purposes, the company allocated 24.7 million rubles. Information about this can be found on the public procurement website.

The tender was published on June 16, 2022 as part of a competition, the participants of which can only be small and medium-sized businesses. Applications are accepted until July 4, 2022, the results are scheduled to be summed up on July 8. According to the public procurement website, this is Goznak’s largest purchase of the Postgres Pro DBMS.

Migration is carried out at the workplaces of the St. Petersburg Mint, St. Petersburg and Krasnokamsk paper mills, as well as at the workplaces of the directorate and Moscow branches of Goznak.

Goznak’s electronic document management system was developed on the basis of the Docsvision software platform, included in the register of Russian software. Under the contract, the contractor must first transfer solutions to the Postgres Pro DBMS on Goznak’s test infrastructure, then migrate the system to Postgres Pro on the customer’s industrial infrastructure.

How long has the transition been taking place?

According to the public procurement website, Goznak has been purchasing Postgres Pro licenses since June 2019. In January 2021, CNews wrote about the purchase of 65 Russian DBMS licenses by Goznak.


Goznak allocated 24.7 million rubles. for migration from SQL Server DBMS to Postgres Pro

This purchase was made only the third time. The first two were declared invalid. As a result, the contract was signed with Technoprom as the participant who offered the lowest contract price – 21.2 million rubles. The companies “Program Engineering” and “IT Business Group” also took part in the auction. The terms of reference did not specify for which internal systems or branches the DBMS was purchased.

What does Goznak do?

Goznak produces banknotes, change and commemorative coins, security documents, payment cards, ID documents and driver’s licenses, special, excise and postage stamps, security and general industrial grades of paper, security technologies, equipment for processing, monitoring and recording security products, and also provides services for the processing and guaranteed storage of personal electronic data.

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Goznak includes eight branch enterprises: Moscow Printing Factory, Perm Printing Factory, Moscow Printing House, St. Petersburg Paper Factory, Krasnokamsk Paper Factory, Moscow Mint, St. Petersburg Mint”, “Research Institute”.

Over 7,000 employees work at the state-owned enterprise.

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