Grand Theft Auto V "next gen" podría llegar a PC, ¿pero tendría sentido? 28

Grand Theft Auto V “next gen” could come to PC

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The release of Grand Theft Auto V «next gen» was limited to new generation consoles, and we already had the opportunity to see that the differences it made compared to the original were not as great as could be desired, and I also told you that this version did not look good compared to various mods that were available for the original version on PC, and that made the game came close to photorealism in some aspects.

Precisely for this reason, because Grand Theft Auto V «next gen» has nothing to do with the mods that are available, free of charge in most cases, for the PC original I told you at the time that it didn’t make sense carry carry that title to compatible. The fact is that a new ESRB listing has again indicated a possible release of Grand Theft Auto V «next gen» on PC, and suggests that its announcement would take place «imminently».

Grand Theft Auto V "nextgen"

Since it has not been confirmed by Rockstar, we must take it as a “rumor”, although we have to give it the value it deserves, since its source is not an anonymous tweet, but rather the information comes from the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). ), and therefore It has quite considerable credibility. On the other hand, you also have to think that in the end the launch of Grand Theft Auto V «next gen» on PC is positive for Rockstar, since it would translate into more income.

Grand Theft Auto V “next gen” on PC could make sense

I know it sounds like a contradiction, but it isn’t, and I’m going to explain why. Grand Theft Auto V “next gen” for PC wouldn’t make sense as it came to next-gen consoles, but it could be interesting if Rockstar releases an improved version in compatible that includes, at a minimum, these changes:

  • Improved and expanded ray tracing, applied to global illumination, shadows, and reflections.
  • DLSS support on NVIDIA GeForce RXT graphics cards, and AMD FSR.

With those two improvements, Grand Theft Auto V “next gen” could open a gap in the PC world, and if it allows the installation of mods, it would already be the bomb. Imagine that title enhanced with some of the most demanding mods of the moment, and supported by DLSS or FSRit would be fantastic.

We do not have details yet on the minimum and recommended requirements that Grand Theft Auto V «next gen» could have, but it is clear that we will need a powerful team to be able to move it, and that it will be essential to have an RTX 20 series or a Radeon RX 6000 to activate ray tracing.

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