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HBO Max and Discovery+ will merge into a single VOD service

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HBOMax and Discovery+ They will be merged into a single service in a way that has yet to be specified, but according to advances, it will be done under the same roof, bringing together both content offers so that the proposal is as interesting as possible for the consumer.

What this movement is about is understood by the Discovery’s acquisition of WarnerMedia and not the other way around, as it might seem a priori. It has been Discovery that has bought WarnerMedia from the American telecommunications giant AT&T for 43,000 million dollars in an agreement that is still pending closure, but that is taken for granted.

Thus, Discovery will not only become the owner of HBO Max, but of the entire conglomerate of firms that remained under the wing of WarnerMedia, including HBO Max, but also TNT, Cartoon Network, DC Comics and CNN, in addition to Warner Bros.. In this way, Discovery Communications, Inc., a company known for its reality television channels such as the Discovery Channel, the Travel Channel, the Food Network, and a long etcetera, gives its offer a new twist.

The purchase agreement was announced in the middle of last year, but it will not be effective until the middle of this year, waiting for the regulatory authorities, once the shareholders have granted, to do the same. However, the move is not expected to have any other purpose than to complete the acquisition.

The underlying question is what will become of everything that WarnerMedia has and its fate under a company whose only product is the reality show in very different ways, although it does not seem likely that so much money will be spent on an acquisition that includes historical names such as Warner, a true home of the seventh art that will celebrate one hundred years since its foundation next year.

hbo max discovery+

The question of form, however, is clearer, according to the statements of Gunnar Wiedenfels, chief financial officer of Discovery: «One of the most important elements here is that we believe in a combo product instead of a bundle… We believe the breadth and depth of this content offering will be a phenomenal value proposition for the consumer«.

In such a way that what many are wondering now is if that merger will be done under the roof of Discovery or, more likely, of HBO Max. In both cases, there are video-on-demand platforms spread throughout almost the entire world. Here in Spain, for example, the HBO Max subscription costs 8.99 euros per month, while Discovery + drops to 3.99 euros per month.

Will the subscription price rise, once the platform resulting from the merger is finalized? It is something that is also raised, although there is a lot of data to be known. Discovery already has open channels in Spain where it is releasing its productions; There are those who quickly grabbed the HBO Max premiere offer with a 50% discount forever, that is, 4.49 euros per month, and only the closure of the current HBO Max could end it…

Be that as it may, if Netflix believed that no one could compete with it in junk content reality TV, HBO Max and Discovery are going to prove him wrong.

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