HBO Max may end up being more expensive, as it will eventually merge with the documentary Discovery +

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As soon as the new HBO Max streaming service started in our country, one big change awaits it. Discovery is buying WarnerMedia for $ 43 billion and the acquisition is expected to be completed in late April. Following the merger, there will be one company, Warner Bros. Discovery and it plans to merge some divisions within the company.

Variety magazine quotes Discovery CFO Gunnar Wiedenfels, who has confirmed that the HBO Max and Discovery + streams will merge. The second service in our country was to start sometime in the middle of the year.

So far, there has been talk that the two will coexist, but Warner Bros. Discovery will only offer a bargain package for both. But this is only a short-term solution before merging under one brand and one subscription. It is not clear if he will stay with the HBO Max name. But it has already gained a bigger name in the world, as Max has 74 million subscribers, while Discovery + only 18 million (last summer).

We don’t even know how it will affect the price, but the increase would not surprise us. But Wiedenfels has confirmed that a single subscription will offer two tariffs. Cheaper with advertising and more expensive without it. But this may not apply globally, after all, HBO Max has a tariff with advertising only in the USA.

The current HBO Max draws on the rich archives of the Warner Bros. film studio, the DC Comics comic book publishing house and HBO, CNN, TBS, The CW, Adult Swim and Cartoon Network television. However, after the merger, he will also be enriched with documentaries from Discovery, Animal Planet, Food Network, Traval Channel and others. It will offer a huge package of content for adults and children, for fans of movies, series and documentaries. And it will be better to compete with Disney +, which has a similarly mixed cocktail.

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