He wants to thank the students. Edge 97 generates article citations and turns on HTTPS where possible

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Edge 97

Signing up for Internet services should be easier if you are in the browser logged in to multiple accounts. These are personal, but also work or school accounts. Edge 97 will ask you which account to use if you are currently logged in to multiple work or school accounts. The function can be switched off.

The browser also supports automatic use of secure HTTPS protocol. Although the most visited websites use it and especially Google puts a lot of pressure on the extension, if the visited site still communicates via HTTP, the browser can try to change it to HTTPS. Firefox can do it, among other things.

The feature is distributed in a controlled manner, and it is not clear from the description whether you will need to activate it manually or whether Edge will prompt you to use a secure protocol. Microsoft states that encryption should be used for domains that probably support HTTPS. So he probably has his own white list, or he evaluates the situation differently.


From the user’s point of view, the last visible news in the recent edition of the browser are citations. Microsoft is especially targeting students. Edge quotes generates for pages added to collections. Although the feature appears in a stable version of the browser, it is officially marked as a test.

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You can find the generation of citations in the main menu, where you tap Other tools Quote it. Alternatively, sand directly into your collection. Of the citation styles available are APA 7, Chicago, Harvad, IEEE and MLA. Of course, Edge’s sophisticated citation managers won’t replace it.

Even his ability to correctly find the necessary information about the article is not perfect, for example, he did not find the obvious title of the magazine in the article Soil microbiomes and climate change. I also noticed a bad translation of the Volume field in the Czech Edgi. In this context, it is not the volume, but the year.

Sources: Edge Release Notes

News in Edgi

In the regularly updated article, we follow the news in the Edge browser from version 94. You can find out which aspects of the product the manufacturer has gradually added, removed or modified in the following sheets.

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