Gaming TV Ace 2023

Hisense launches the Gaming TV Ace 2023, a TV for games

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The Gaming TV Ace 2023 is a new TV that Hisense has started selling in China. Combine 4K with a large diagonal and specific features for gamers on consoles and PC.

You can plug a console (or PC) into any TV and play games, but very few can come close to the performance of the best monitors. Hisense’s new model tries to do so by focusing entirely on meeting the needs of gamers.

Gaming TV Ace 2023, all for the games

The monitor mounts a panel 65-inch ULEDs diagonally. At native 4K resolution, the standout feature is a refresh rate of 240Hz. To reach that level, the TV must display native or locally stored content or, alternatively, be connected to a powerful GPU, RTX 30 or RX6000.

Gaming TV Ace 2023

For this, it has a video input HDMI 2.1 of full features (48 Gbps of bandwidth), support for VRR (variable refresh rate) and the image synchronization technology, AMD FreeSync Premium. Supports 4K 120Hz mode to play at the highest level on the latest generation consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

It would be a waste to use this TV just for gaming and of course it can be used for everything else. It offers 1.07 billion colors, a Delta-E of 1.5 and horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 178 degrees. The TV has three HDMI ports (one of them the aforementioned HDMI 2.1) and is also well stocked for Internet connection with an Internet LAN and the latest Wi-Fi 6 wireless standard.

It is powered by a quad-core ARM Cortex A73 processor, with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Completing the setup is a pair of 12W stereo speakers with support for Dolby Atmos, as well as HDR (Dolby Vision) support.

Hisense is already marketing its gaming TV in China for RMB 5,499, around 865 dollars to change. Not bad for its features and there aren’t too many TVs for dedicated games.

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