How the Super Express Mission event works

How the Super Express Mission event works

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In its most recent update, “Battle for the Throne of Chaos“, Lost Ark brought a multitude of news to please veterans and newbies in the MMO. Among them is a temporary event full of rewards: the Super Express Mission.

The joke seems to have gone unnoticed amid the arrival of the new Glaivier class and the launch of ark pass – the game’s Battle Pass – but it offers really impactful benefits for players.

Unfortunately, information about this kind of award-winning gymkhana in the game is very scarce, both in the pop-up window that appears when you log into the server and on the official Lost Ark website. The problem is that this can lead to irreversible errors if the quest is accepted on the wrong character.

But don’t worry, the TecMasters is here to help you avoid any pitfalls and find out all about the new Super Express Mission event.

What is the Lost Ark Super Express Mission event?

The Super Express Mission is an event that started in the last April 21st and goes to June 30, 2022. The idea here is to allow you to accelerate your progress through the Lost Ark endgame, but without losing the chance to experience each of the game’s contents.

Any character who is level 50 and has an item level of less than 1000 can join the game. Once the quest is accepted, you’ll have to carry out a series of tasks across all of Arkesia, with all of them offering rewards in the form of equipment, refinement materials, potions, engravings and more.

In all, the event is divided into 4 sections, plus a bonus tab, ranging from item level 302 to 1,100. The coolest thing is that, in this journey to strengthen your character, the Super Express Mission event doesn’t skimp on the variety of missions.

In the beginning, you’ll need to go through the training room, do some of Una’s tasks, face some Chaos Dungeons and venture through the Cube. It doesn’t take long, however, for the activities to become more complex and yield better prizes while teaching you all the game’s mechanics and systems.

How to participate in the Super Express Mission

To join the game and start the Super Express Mission, simply select a character in the pop-up window that appears as soon as you log into the server and click the “Start Event” button.

With that done, you can go through the to-do list at your own pace, taking advantage of short breaks in the day to get things done faster, or setting aside a longer period of time to progress more quickly through the Lost Ark challenges.

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Image: TecMasters/Marcelo Rodrigues

If you have closed the window after logging in, just click on the gift icon below the minimap, at the top right of the screen, to open the board again.

The only requirements to be eligible for the Super Express Mission are even if the character is in level 50 and have item level less than 1000. However, there is a catch that might catch some people by surprise…

The Super Express Mission was not made for your main character

Yes, you did not read it wrong. Unless your main character has very recently reached level 50, the best use for Lost Ark’s Super Express Mission is on secondary heroes – commonly called “alts”.

That’s because the event can only be accepted by a single character on the Roster (your cast of characters) and its tasks and rewards may be redundant for a more powerful and advanced hero in the game.

Second communiqué from Amazon Games, the expectation with the quest pack is that it will help new players “achieve the progression of their friends while still learning all about Tiers 1 and 2 and their game modes”.

For veterans who are already at Tier 3, the tip for using the Super Express Mission is to “level up a secondary character quickly”, with the suggestion that it serves to give more experienced folks a taste of Glaivier in Lost ark.

scolding time

The problem is that, apart from a simple alert that it is only possible to accept the quest on only one character, it is not possible to see what the tasks and most of the rewards are before confirming which hero you would like to enable the event on. It is also not possible to cancel the choice and accept it in an alt or transfer the obtained items.

This has caused angry players, who have accepted the Super Express Mission on their main character, to end up crowding the Lost Ark forum and support with complaints. So far, however, there is no indication that the problem will be fixed. So be careful when activating the gymkhana, huh?

Lost Ark

Image: TecMasters/Marcelo Rodrigues

At the end of the day, the initiative is really very cool and is in line with other actions by Amazon and Smilegate to democratize access to Lost Ark content, allow players returning to the game or complete newcomers not to be left behind and offer progression kinder and more horizontal to the community.

And you, were you able to activate the Super Express Mission on the right character and escape getting a bunch of Tier 1 and Tier 2 materials stranded on your big hero? Let us know in the comments section below. TecMasters.

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