How to crack a forgotten password in Windows 10. It’s surprisingly easy …

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At a time when there is pressure to choose the strongest passwords, it is not uncommon for you to forget your password. But what if you can’t get to Windows then?

The password to Windows is not a big obstacle, and if you don’t have an encrypted disk, you can always access documents, desktop files and other data – just by removing the disk and accessing it from other Windows, booting another system from a flash drive, or reinstall the system while preserving the data. But we’ll show you how to easily get into the windows you have.

Reset your Microsoft account password

There are several ways, and it also depends on what type of Windows account you have – when it comes to an online account with Microsoft, it’s very easy to reset your password. Just click on Forgotten password, 1 or go to to your mobile phone or computer your email address and click Forgotten password. 1 Then using the security code sent to this address or phone number 2 set new. And then you log in to Windows with a new password, but your computer must be connected to the Internet.

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