How to read a credit card by mobile phone and what it’s good for

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If you have an NFC phone, you can try to retrieve data from your contactless card via the Android app. You will test, for example, how susceptible it is to possible RFID skimming.

Paying by phone is common today – you upload the card to your mobile phone and then attach it to the payment terminal. However, the phone has the same capabilities as the terminal. You can also use this card to read this card and find out some data from it.

For example, the NFC Credit Card Reader (EMV) application will be used on Android. 1 You will find more similar services after entering the password “Card reader”, however, this one has the best rating in relation to the number of downloads (over a million). In addition, its source code is available on GitHub, where anyone can download and check it.

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In the case of an application that can read data from your card, there is never any precaution. When experimenting with similar applications, always pay close attention to what permissions they require. Although not all the data needed to shop online can be retrieved via NFC, caution is warranted.

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