Huawei Sound Joy speaker review. A very successful modern form of portable audio

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  • Fun and powerful sound

  • Size and durability

  • Advanced features


  • The high volume doesn’t suit him

  • Absence of AUX

  • The anti-roll bars are not ideally located

Although Huawei is still primarily a manufacturer of mobile phones, over time it has expanded its product offering in a logical direction towards mobile accessories. Other electronics groups didn’t have to wait long.

Now you can buy smart bracelets, watches, headphones or wireless speakers in addition to your phone. I tend to be more skeptical of such actions, because history has shown that in similar cases it has failed rather than succeeded when it comes to, for example, the quality of the presentation.

Fortunately, this does not apply to the piece we tested, which is one of the most successful on the market. Especially if the target listener is a representative of the younger generation.

Thoughtful design

At first glance, the Huawei Sound Joy wireless speaker is not fundamentally different from the competing ones. Everything is packed in a cylindrical shape with a textile cover and rubberized sides, which are complemented by rubber buttons for operation.

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But if we focus on the individual parts, we will find a number of quite clever solutions. On the one hand, it is the size that corresponds to a half-liter bottle, so carrying it is really easy not only in a backpack, but also, for example, in a bicycle bottle basket. IP67 certification then means that he does not mind falling into the pool

You can run Sound Joy both built and laid. A common ailment of such speakers is the fact that when you set them up, you cover the passive emitter, which is usually located on the side. The solution is usually a larger overlap of the rubber structure around the passive, here we find a molded base with softened plastic for easier oscillation of the passive radiator above the base.

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When you play music from a laid speaker, logically the best position is when the mounted drivers are slightly up or flush with the listener’s ears. For this purpose, two small rubber protrusions are placed on the body to prevent the cylinder from turning unintentionally. Unfortunately, their location is not completely ideal due to the converters – a good idea but a worse design.

Too many buttons?

Speaking of converters, there is one broadband and one high (rated power is 20 W + 10 W), which complements the pair of passive emitters on the sides. The manufacturer boasts cooperation with the French company Devialet, which has just supplied the inverters and the amplifier.

The upper part, if you place the speaker, is equipped with LEDs, which form a circle around the passive and their color not only accompanies the music being played, but also indicates, for example, the battery status or the volume level.

Technical parameters of Huawei Sound Joy

Price: 2 999 CZK

  • Bluetooth version: 5.2, NFC for pairing
  • Supported codecs: SBC, AAC
  • Power: 1 × 20 W + 1 × 10 W
  • Converters: 1 × broadband 50 × 75 mm, 1 × tweeter diameter 19 mm
  • Frequency range: 70Hz – 18kHz
  • Battery: Li-Ion 8800 mAh
  • Endurance: 26 hours stated,
  • Water resistance: IP67
  • Connectors: USB-C for power supply

The control is interestingly solved, where you will find a pair of large rubber +/- buttons directly on the body to change the volume, and the rest of the controls are then placed in a plastic bar on the back of the speaker, which also has a metal strap loop. In addition to the main switch, it is the activation of the voice assistant, play / pause / multifunction button, then start pairing and the last option is the mode of connection with another speaker – all buttons are backlit.

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The bar is then terminated with a USB-C power connector. That’s the end of all connectivity – you would look in vain for the usual socket for a 3.5 mm jack of an external audio source. For easier pairing, there is also an NFC interface, the tag is marked with a small rubber pad directly on the speaker.

The controls on the body are further complemented by the service application, where it is possible to adjust the light of the diode ring and also the sound, where you will find several preset sound profiles. It makes sense to change these if you change the location of the speaker. Unfortunately, this is not possible other than using an application, which is a bit time consuming – a programmable button would be useful, for example.

Universal sound source

The musical expression is a pleasant surprise at Sound Joy, the sound is strong and surprisingly clear in its category. He can play very loudly and keeps a balanced performance all the time with plenty of non-aggressive treble, drawn mids and he can also play really deep bass – the Hi-Fi profile also pulls out a deep double bass, on the other hand the Devialet profile simulates club sound quite faithfully.

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Overall, the performance is pleasantly balanced and it cannot be said that the speaker has a distinct music genre, it is universal and surprises with a relatively large sound due to the size. The only limitation – especially when listening loudly – is the size when the structure hits the physical limits and the speech closes and the bass suddenly is not. You will probably rarely get into such a situation, because he has volumes to give away, but it is necessary to take this into account.

Although it is a mono reproduction, Huawei is trying to give a hint of space and it is doing quite well. However, not only the position in the room will play a very significant role, but also the rotation of the whole body due to the location of the transducers – this fact must be kept in mind if you want to achieve the best possible performance within the given mantinels.


The current price of the Huawei Sound Joy speaker has dropped in the official e-shop from the original CZK 3,300 to CZK 3,000, and if you search for a while, you will find it for CZK 2,300. Due to the sound, the functions and also the endurance, the price is quite reasonable.

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By the way, the endurance should be 26 hours, but expect that it can rapidly decrease not only with higher volume, but also with active backlight, pair operation and, of course, in places with high traffic and interference in the wireless network.

Musically, the speaker is a universal that can handle a wide range of music genres. Sound profiles can adapt the expression to a specific environment to some extent, and it works. The only drawback is the slightly loose control, and for some the absence of input for an external audio source.

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