Iconic Internet Moments Turning 10!

Iconic Internet Moments Turning 10!

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Nothing better than International Meme Day — which is celebrated today, May 13 (and which happened to be a Friday the 13th), to remember some of the iconic moments of the Internet, like the famous Grumpy Cat and his frown! Can you believe it’s been 10 years since this expressive cat started to be part of our interwebz days?

So it is! And not just memes, but several other unique moments, which made history in the 2010s, are completing a decade of existence in 2022.

We’ve brought this and other milestones that represent the cream of the Internet for you to remember. Don’t forget to leave in the comments which one is the best of them all!

To Remember: Iconic Moments Turning 10 in 2022

Image: Grumpy Cat/TecMasters

Our list starts with him, the Grumpy Cat meme. Many people don’t know, but “the” Grumpy Cat is actually “the” Grumpy Cat: the cat named Tardar Sauce was born in 2012 and soon became one of the first and most relevant “gatistic” celebrities on the world wide web because of the his face is quite expressive. Although she has already passed away (coincidentally or not, the kitten’s death date was on May 14), the her official Instagram account still counts several: until the moment of closing this article, there were 2.5 million followers eager for his acid phrases. Today’s cats forgive me, but this kitten will forever go down in history as the most iconic cat on the Internet.

  • McKayla Maroney is not impressed

Exactly 10 years ago, Olympic medalist and former US gymnast MaKayla Maroney was showing the world, literally on an international network, that she was definitely not impressed! She became famous after making a face when she received a silver medal for her performance at the London Olympics in 2012. She says it was only for two seconds, but it was those seconds that made her leave a mark in history (even more than what the led to the podium at the Olympics). The grimace became so famous that even former President Barack Obama jumped on the bandwagon.

  • Overly Attached Girlfriend

Laina Morris, also known as the “Overly Attached Girlfriend”, became famous (and became a meme for it) after posting her video on YouTube in response to Justin Bieber’s hit song “Boyfriend”. The three-minute parody made not only the lyrics — which are about an over-possessive girlfriend — go down in history, but also Laina’s worryingly paranoid expression also stay forever in our memories and hearts.

  • Better luck next time Brian (or not?)

Kyle Craven, the face behind the Bad Luck Brian meme

“Friend posted his picture online. The Internet did the rest” – Image: reproduction/BuzzFeed

The story behind the Bad Luck Brian meme actually started in 2007: Kyle Craven, the real person behind the meme’s image, tells in an interview with BuzzFeed who was the kind of student who wasn’t so interested in class as in playing pranks at school with his friend Ian. She claims that one of his favorite days at school (and one he could prepare to make “his mark” on the joke world) was yearbook picture day. It was even on one of those days that he took the grandiose photo that later became a meme (and which was banned by the director of the institution at the time, because it was not suitable).

But the photo only became famous in 2012, when Ian — whose main hobby at the time was making memes — decided to take his friend’s photo, write a funny sentence and throw it on Reddit. He later sent only a voice message to his friend to let him know that “I made you Internet famous.” Kyle, thinking it was more of a prank by Ian, was actually surprised when, the next day, he saw his face plastered all over the webpage.

The South Korean singer PSY, pseudonym of Park Jae-Sang, was the first to post a YouTube video that reached the 1 billion views mark in December 2012 (and today, until the closing of this article, it accumulates more than 4 .4 billion views). The video, however, had already gone viral in November, catapulting the singer’s career massively internationally.

“Gangnam Style”, which is the name of the hit, is a neologism used by Koreans to talk about the lifestyle associated with the citizens of the Gangnam district of Seoul – which is the wealthiest region of the capital. But make no mistake: when you see the video for the first time, you may even think it’s a no-brainer, but it’s actually a parody to satirize the “Gangnam” style. To this day the music makes everyone dance.

The music video by Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen was released as a single in 2011, but it was in 2012 that the song hit the charts after receiving a “helpful hand” from Justin Bieber: the singer, who is also Canadian, was passing through his homeland when he heard the song and decided make a joke video with then-girlfriend and also singer Selena Gomez and some other friends. THE postof course, went viral and the rest is history.

  • Except Luiza, who is in Canada

One of the Brazilian classics that could not be left out of this selection: who could forget Luiza, who was in Canada? Ten years ago, the commercial — which was to present a residential development in Paraíba — ended up becoming a national meme with the comment by Geraldo Rabello, the protagonist of the advertisement, who insisted on getting the whole family together to enjoy the moment in the project — except Luiza , which is in Canada.

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Image: reproduction

Another icon of Brazilian memes of 2012 was the telenovela Avenida Brasil, starring Débora Falabella and Adriana Esteves, which immortalized Carminha. In addition to the hashtag #oioioi, in reference to the theme song of the soap opera, the iconic freezing scene that ended the plot in all chapters also became a fever at the time and stamped a lot of phrase around, even generating videos — like this one in which Kiko tells Chiquinha that Chaves was run over, or this one here in which Luke discovers that Darth Vader is his father.

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