Ideco UTM firewall protected the YuUGMU website from DDoS attacks

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On June 20, 2022, the university admissions campaign started. On the same day, there was a large-scale DDoS attack on university websites. The site of the SUSMU was also attacked.

They tracked that between 21:30 and 22:30 every minute there were more than 20 thousand requests to the site, but the work was not stopped. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Aideco.

Pages for users opened in normal mode. The Web Application Firewall module in Ideco UTM helped protect the site from illegitimate requests. This module allows you to protect web applications published using Ideco UTM from various types of attacks (including SQLi attacks, XSS, DoS, etc.).

The university has been using the Ideco UTM MX hardware platform since September 2019. In gratitude from the rector of the university, Andrey Vazhenin says: “Now we are once again convinced that we made the right choice. The product really protects our resources and keeps systems running smoothly.”

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“We strive to make a simple solution to protect against all modern security threats. This year, Ideco UTM’s security features were quickly adapted to the changing threat landscape. We block threats according to the list of NKTsKI, GeoIP (from unfriendly states), improved capabilities for blocking DoS attacks and protecting web resources. I am glad that this brought a tangible result to one of our closest clients, – said the director of Aideko Dmitry Khomutov.

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