In 2021, over 50 million graphics cards were sold. Demand has risen by a third

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Demand for graphics cards is certainly not weakening, as evidenced by new statistics from the Graphic Speak analysis by Jon Peddie Research. Last year, a significant volume of separate graphics cards was sold.

According to the data obtained across the market for the whole year 2021 sold over 50 million graphics cards, which are designed for various segments (computers, laptops, computer cards for rendering, servers, science, artificial intelligence learning, cryptocurrency mining and more). In the results, this meant that the graphics card market had reached the frontier $ 51.8 billion for the full year 2021.

At the same time, the average price of a graphics card exceeded one thousand dollars last year, which is not surprising – real prices also increased several times due to problems with the pandemic, which affected everything from production, through logistics to demand itself.

In the last quarter of 2021 alone, sales were worth $ 13.5 billion, so demand is still growing. Year-on-year growth was very high at 29.5%, and the JPR estimates that growth will continue.

Expected sales in 2023 are expected to exceed $ 52.2 billion, thanks to the fact that Intel, which has so far only had integrated graphics chips in processors, is also entering the market for stand-alone graphics cards.

In terms of market shares, Nvidia is still dominant with 77.2%, but even competing AMD has already managed to increase its share by 35.7% year-on-year. For comparison – in 2020, 42 million graphics cards were sold, and the most in history was in 1998, when 116 million graphics cards were sold worldwide. However, this is due to the fact that at that time there were almost no integrated graphics chips in the processors, so a separate graphics card was a necessity for almost every computer.

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