In China, a Boeing 737 crashed with 132 people on board. He was only six years old, the cause is under investigation

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On Monday morning, March 21, a China Eastern Airlines plane crashed in China with 132 people on board. Reuters reports that only a six-year-old Boeing 737-800 with registration B-1791 crashed in the mountains of southern China during a scheduled MU5735 flight from Kunming (KMG) to Guangzhou (CAN).

“We can confirm that the plane crashed.” China Eastern Airlines said in a statement that it released details of an information line for relatives on board at the time of the accident. According to the Chinese Civil Aviation Authority (CAAC), the aircraft is 123 passengers and nine crew members lost contact with air traffic control over the city of Wuzhou on board.

Flight MU5735

The CAAC said a rescue team had been sent to the scene. The media quoted one of the senior emergency services officials as saying that the plane had completely collapsed after the crash. The wreckage of the machine began to burn and the fire caused the accident destroyed the bamboo and trees in the area. A huge crater was formed at the point of impact.

Click for larger image The last captured moment of the MU5735 flight

According to FlightRadar24, the plane departed from Chongming in the southwest of the country at 6:11 Central European Time. Less than two hours later (at exactly 8:05 CET) it was to land in Canton on the south coast.

Click for larger image Graph of speed and altitude over time

At 7:20 our time, the plane was moving at an altitude of 29,100 feet (approximately 8.87 km). Two minutes and 15 seconds later, other available data indicates that it descended to an altitude of 9075 feet (approximately 2.77 km). In the next 20 seconds, his last monitored altitude was 3,225 feet (approximately 980 meters). FlightRadar reports that the plane was crashing to the ground at 30,967 feet per minute at the time, which is about 566 km / h.

Did the dive fall?

Aviation expert Rostislav Kopeck√Ĺ, who appeared on the Internet under the nickname flyRosta, published a video on his Twitter, which is supposed to capture the crash of a Chinese plane. It follows from the not very clear scope that the machine plunged headlong downhowever, please note here that the authenticity of the video has not been verified.

China Eastern Airlines’ website was later switched to black and white, which airlines are doing in response to the crash as a sign of respect for the alleged victims. Boeing China has also changed into a black and white design.

At this time it is premature to anticipate any conclusions about the possible causes of the accident. The condition of the flight data recorder (so-called “black box”) and the cockpit voice recorder will be very important for its examination.

According to the Aviation Safety Network, the last fatal accident of a commercial aircraft occurred in China in 2010. The Henra Airlines Embraer E-190 crashed 44 of 96 people on board when approaching Ichun Airport in low visibility.

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