In IT companies, employers most often include training at the expense of the company, Internet payments and corporate events in compensation packages for employees.

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Compared to December 2021, companies’ compensation packages are less likely to include holiday gifts. Employers, on the contrary, provide corporate events, compensation for the cost of lunches and additional days for state holidays more often: the removal of covid restrictions and the return of staff to offices are affecting. Representatives of 1000 companies from various fields of activity, including from IT, the Internet and telecommunications, took part in the survey of the SuperJob service. This was reported to CNews by representatives of SuperJob.

In the IT sector, compensation packages most often include training at the expense of the company (68%), payment for mobile communications and the Internet (62%), corporate events (60%), a paid VMI (voluntary medical insurance) policy (49%), as well as gifts for holidays (32%). Opportunities to purchase services or products of the company at a discount, company vehicles, fares in public transport and interest-free loans are provided by 12% of companies each.

11% of IT companies pay for sports clubs or swimming pools for their employees. Free food or food compensation is provided by 10% of companies. 8% are ready to provide an additional few days of vacation. Another 4% provide preferential vouchers or partially pay vacation expenses. 10% of companies have other options in the compensation package, another 8% found it difficult to answer. Only 8% do not provide anything to their employees.

Regional differences in compensation packages: In Yekaterinburg, they pay for mobile communications and the Internet more often, in Novosibirsk they hold corporate events, in St. Petersburg they finance VHI policies

Training at the expense of the company is most often included in the compensation packages of employers from the Northern capital and Kazan. Corporate events are the most popular in Novosibirsk, where there are the most companies that provide staff with official transport. Companies in Yekaterinburg more often provide compensation for food and communication expenses. Moscow enterprises and organizations — the opportunity to purchase products and services at a discount. There are more companies in St. Petersburg that pay VMI policies for their employees.

Top 3 components of compensation packages: training at the expense of the company, gifts for holidays, corporate events

The most popular components of compensation packages are training at the expense of the employer (provided by 47% of companies), corporate events (46%) and gifts for festive events (41%). 36% of employers compensate expenses for mobile communications. 29% provide staff with the opportunity to purchase company products at a discount. Every fifth employer pays VMI policies to employees. Another 20% is reimbursed for food expenses. 19% of companies provide company vehicles. 14% of employers included in the compensation package additional vacation days in excess of those stipulated by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

Large businesses provide compensation packages more often than medium and small companies

Enterprises and organizations with a staff of 1,000 or more provide compensation packages to staff more often than medium and small businesses. Large companies often pay for training, mobile communications, VHI policies, fitness, vouchers, provide employees with the opportunity to buy products at a discount, give a few extra days to vacation. Companies with 100 to 1,000 employees are somewhat more likely to give gifts for holidays and organize trips to work using company vehicles.

Industry specifics of compensation packages: training in IT companies, corporate events in banks, catering in industry

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Compensation packages of companies from various fields of activity differ significantly. So, they train employees at their own expense, organize corporate events and pay for VHI policies, most often in IT and banks. Holiday gifts are more popular with construction companies and service organizations. Compensation for mobile communications and the Internet is more often provided by IT and trading companies. The latter often provide discounts on products. Feed the staff more often manufacturing enterprises. Organize trips to work on official vehicles – logistics companies.

Fewer Gifts, More Events, Meal Reimbursement and Extra Vacation Days: How Compensation Packages Have Changed

In the six months since a similar survey was conducted, compensation packages have changed little. Slightly fewer companies give gifts to staff on holidays, but corporate events have become more popular, food reimbursement and additional paid vacation days are provided more often. However, compensation packages are still more modest now than they were before COVID-19.

Location of the survey: Russia, all districts

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Settlements: 241

Time: April 22 – June 1, 2022

Study population: HR managers and other representatives of the personnel departments of enterprises and organizations responsible for recruiting

Sample size: 1000 respondents

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