In the Leningrad region, with the participation of “Netrika medicine” launched a super service “Birth of a child”

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The company “Netrika medicine” took part in the implementation of the super service “Birth of a child” in the Leningrad region. Now you can get all the necessary documents for the baby without visiting the registry office and in electronic form. The first digital record of the birth certificate in the North-West region was made on June 16, 2022. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Netrika Medicine.

Superservice involves the provision of a range of services in digital format. The developer of GIS in the field of healthcare in the Leningrad region is Netrika Medicine. Through the service “Integrated Electronic Medical Record of the Leningrad Region”, data on the provided medical care, as well as electronic medical documents, are exchanged between all medical institutions in the region.

If earlier with paper documents from the maternity hospital it was required to personally come to the registry office to issue a birth certificate for a child, now this process is automated as much as possible. Parents just need to fill out an application in their personal account on the “State Services”, and the document will be immediately issued in electronic form.

The technology of data exchange between all participants of the service is as follows. Upon the birth of a child, the doctor fills out a medical certificate in the MIS. This is a legally significant document, which is certified by the electronic signatures of the doctor and the head of the medical organization. The verified information is immediately sent to the regional service “Integrated electronic medical record of the patient of the Leningrad region” and after processing is transferred to the federal register of electronic medical data (REMD) of the Ministry of Health of Russia. Here, information about issued medical birth certificates from all over the country is accumulated and sent to the registry office.

Superservice greatly simplifies the issuance of other basic documents for the child. The Ministry of Health of Russia transmits the relevant data to the Federal Tax Service, FSS, FFOMS and the Pension Fund, which means that parents will also be able to receive a TIN, a compulsory medical insurance policy, SNILS, a certificate for maternity capital without contacting government agencies and the MFC. Paper certificates still remain valid and are issued in the traditional way, but with electronic documents you can take your time to receive them.

The pilot introduction of the superservice “Birth of a Child” is still underway in several regions, and will soon be distributed throughout the country. It is assumed that in the future the platform will “accompany” parents from the moment the expectant mother is registered with the antenatal clinic until the baby is enrolled in kindergarten.

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“This is a necessary and, of course, an important project. We are glad to be its participant and help the regions in their implementation. “Netrika Medicine” ensures the transfer of legally significant documents to REMD in digital form. We have already worked out all the key data exchange mechanisms, so it will not be difficult to launch the Birth of a Child super service in other regions of our presence,” said Igor Bashkovcommercial director of Netrika medicine company.


Netrika Medicine specializes in the development and delivery of integrated IT solutions for the public and private healthcare sectors. The company’s key product is the N3.Healthcare integration platform. Solutions based on the platform have been implemented in 20 regions of Russia, the Russian Ministry of Health and FMBA. The company considers B2B-direction as its priority – the development of digital medicine services for private clinics, as well as building competencies in the field of big data analysis in healthcare and related areas based on the solution.

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