In winter, Starlink’s antennas attract cats and other animals

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Satellite antennas for high-speed Starlink internet reception attract cats and other animals during the cold winter weeks. The reason is the heat they produce.

As one Reddit user noted, in the working position, these antennas are not flat or parallel to the ground, so they certainly cannot be considered good beds. However, if it is not running, it is somewhat different – as the following photos show:

“Starlink works great until cats find out that the plate emits some heat on cold days,” commented Aaron Taylor on Twitter.

Another Reddit user even decided to do his own research using thermal imaging. “I checked my plate with thermal imaging and in fact it looks like the whole plate is warm, even the back is warm,” he said afterwards.

“So in general you can see the animals below him or around him if he’s on the ground,” he added.

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