InfoWatch ARMA and JSC NPPKT announced the compatibility of their products

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InfoWatch ARMA (part of InfoWatch Group of Companies) and NPPKT JSC signed an official statement on the compatibility of their products: the InfoWatch ARMA Management Console 1.1.2 Unified Control Center and the Osnova general-purpose operating system, respectively. This was reported to CNews by representatives of InfoWatch Group.

As a result of testing, it was found that the specified products are compatible, and the InfoWatch ARMA solution is installed and functions correctly under OSNOVA OS. The test results are reflected in the test report dated April 21, 2022, confirmed by the act of completion of work dated April 21, 2022.

OSON Osnova is a domestic secure operating system designed to build secure automated systems that process confidential information and personal data. Included in the Unified Register of Russian Programs for Electronic Computers and Databases. It has a certificate of conformity of the FSTEC of Russia on the 4th level of trust.

InfoWatch ARMA Management Console is a single control center for the InfoWatch ARMA security system. Allows you to centrally update the products of the InfoWatch ARMA protection system and manage their configuration, as well as significantly increase the speed of detecting cyber threats and investigating incidents. Included in the unified register of Russian software of the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia.

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“The signed document on the compatibility of products in the context of the active movement forward of the country’s information security community as part of the import substitution program in general, and solutions for protecting CII facilities in particular, seems to us one of the important conditions for ensuring the stability of the operation of security tools at industrial facilities,” said Igor DushaCTO of InfoWatch ARMA.

Commercial Director of JSC NPPKT, Igor Morozov: “Currently, we, together with InfoWatch ARMA, are forming a full-fledged information security ecosystem based on the Osnova operating system. For this reason, it is extremely important for us that users of modern InfoWatch ARMA information security systems be confident in the stability and reliability of such products. The work done and the joint statement about the compatibility of our software products unambiguously guarantees such stability.”

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