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Innostage, a Russian information security integrator, announces a strategic partnership with Positive Technologies, a developer of information security solutions and services.

The prerequisites for choosing Positive Technologies as a strategic partner of Innostage Group of Companies have been formed over several years. The first stage was the development of technological cooperation. The CyberART Cyber ​​Threat Prevention Center by Innostage and the Positive Technologies Expert Security Center (PT Expert Security Center) have established joint work in detecting new vulnerabilities, researching ways for hackers to exploit already known software flaws, and using new cyber attack tactics and techniques by attackers. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Innostage.

A new impetus to the growth of expertise was given by the regular participation of the Innostage team in the cyber battle The Standoff, during which teams of defenders of a fictitious city-state resist the attacks of “white hat” hackers using all known hacking techniques. In preparation for the event, the Innostage team recreates the IT infrastructure of the virtual city with high accuracy for the most realistic cyberbattle. Innostage experts carry out a detailed analysis of each incident at The Standoff using Positive Technologies solutions, develop best practices for interacting with vendor software and bring them into real cybersecurity projects.

More than 20 years of experience of the main engineering staff and practice in the implementation of cybersecurity projects and projects for the creation and transformation of IT infrastructure have formed the concept of cyber resilience within Innostage. This doctrine finds its continuation in the concept of practical safety in the interpretation of Positive Technologies, when unacceptable events cannot be realized. By entering into a strategic partnership, the companies have combined complementary concepts and competencies and are ready to change the country’s cybersecurity landscape.

“Both companies are aimed at rethinking information security as a function, at the transition from standard defense in depth to creating conditions – including infrastructure ones – that make the implementation of an unacceptable event during an attack impossible. I see the successful implementation of this approach through joint efforts as the main result of our strategic partnership,” said Aidar GuzairovGeneral Director of Innostage Group of Companies.

“In addition to the outstanding financial result – the best partner in 2021 – we appreciate how deeply Innostage is immersed in the development of the information security industry in Russia. The company successfully “lands” the principles of practical security and cyber resilience on real projects: over the past year, we jointly implemented 29 MaxPatrol SIEM implementations – more than with any other partner. The strength of Innostage is the people who competently solve problems in the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats. We are confident that joint work in line with the development of the principles of practical security in domestic companies will bring their cyber resilience to a fundamentally different level,” noted Maxim Filippovdirector of business development at Positive Technologies in Russia.

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The companies’ cooperation plans for the next year include a multiple increase in Innostage’s turnover on Positive Technologies products. The partners will continue to implement joint projects to build cyberattack countermeasures centers for customers. These projects will be based on the Positive Technologies security and monitoring collaboration and complemented by Innostage’s own products. In addition, the companies plan to launch a number of joint educational and socially significant initiatives in the field of cybersecurity aimed at strengthening the human resources potential of the Russian information security sector.


The Innostage group of companies specializes in solving problems in the field of cybersecurity. In the CNews Security rating, the company takes 12th place, as well as the fourth position among cybersecurity integrators. Key areas of activity: information security, implementation of information security tools, system integration, security of automated process control systems and integrated engineering and technical means. Offices are located in Kazan, Moscow, Krasnodar, Innopolis.

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