Innotech Group introduced a new development to the market – DION video conferencing service

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The Innotech Group (part of the T1 Group), a supplier of innovative solutions for business digitalization, presented a new development to the market at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum – the DION video conferencing system. The product operates on Russian software and fully provides high-quality service, support for a large number of connections, as well as data security. More than 50 thousand people use the service weekly. Representatives of Innotech reported this to CNews.

DION is a video conferencing service with a hybrid cloud infrastructure. The system architecture is based on the world’s best practices and approaches. Confidential data is stored in the client company’s circuit, while the system itself remains cloud-based, ensuring the security of sensitive information. The DION video conferencing platform provides for up to 1000 equal participants in one event and has no restrictions on the number of virtual rooms and the duration of the meeting. DION also provides a stable connection, good sound quality and screen broadcasting due to the low requirements for the communication channel.

The product developers paid special attention to the suppression of ambient noise, which was made possible thanks to the neural network. One of the important advantages of DION is unlimited geography – the product guarantees a stable connection when connected from anywhere in the world. This is especially true now, when many people prefer to work from home and it is important and necessary for companies to keep employees engaged.

“The pandemic has given a strong impetus to the development of the Russian market for video conferencing systems. The consumers of such developments are usually large companies with a geographically distributed structure, for which video conferencing is an indispensable mechanism for interaction between employees. And the circle of users of such platforms is constantly expanding,” said Alexey Volynkin, First Deputy General Director, Business Development Director of Innotech Group. – In modern realities, we must respond to market demands in a timely manner, offering Russian developments for business continuity. The DION architecture has the ability, on the one hand, to be a cloud service, on the other hand, to ensure data security by storing files on the client side. Already now the product provides up to 1000 simultaneous conferences. And in the future we plan to improve the functionality of our development.”

The market for corporate video conferencing systems in Russia has been growing rapidly over the past few years. First of all, this is due to the transition to a remote work format, which has become especially important during the pandemic. According to the international recruitment agency Kelly Services, in January 2022, only 36% of respondents worked in the office or in production, the same number of employees switched to a hybrid work format, and 22% worked completely remotely. One of the main business processes that enterprises have transferred to an electronic environment is the holding of meetings and negotiations. Now, according to the NAFI research center, 79% of companies use integrated solutions for video conferencing in their offices.

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The new Innotech product is a completely Russian development, so DION will always be available in Russia, meeting all the requirements of Russian regulations and legislation. The service works on both IOS and Android. A web version is also available to users.


Innotech Group has been developing solutions for business digitalization since 2020. Innotech builds partnerships with leading companies in the financial sector, offering them comprehensive solutions for front and back offices, modern fintech products, big data systems.

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