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Instagram Playback summarizes your year in photographs

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Although perhaps somewhat less busy than last 2020, we have no doubt that 2021 has continued to be another difficult year for many of us. However, as the most used emojis taught us, we do not have much joy to share. And what better way to do it than with Instagram Playback, the new function added by the social network, which will help us to remember and share our best moments of the year.

Starting today, the application will create a personal reproduction using up to ten of our Stories. In this way, in addition to the highlighted selection that the application will offer us, we can delete and add our own selection to make this special feed more personal. In addition, as indicated by Instagram itself, these stories will be shared under the tags of “2021” and “Moments”, we may view and share the collections of other users.

In fact, there will only be two ways to access this function: that the notice appears at the beginning of our feed when opening the application, or by clicking on one of these tags of other people’s stories.

Unfortunately, looking for this popular ephemeral compilation format, it seems that this feature will only be available for a few weeks, apparently until the end of this month. And it is that the company has shared that it wants to offer users a means to «celebrate and reflect on 2021 before the New Year«.

However, it does not stop surprising us that Instagram has opted for this format instead of resorting to the previous function presented at the end of the year on previous occasions, with a simpler and quite popular format with a grid of nine photos known as «#bestnine ». And it is that in recent years, many Instagram users have been using third-party applications to create this type of collages, which, when published as part of the normal feed of their accounts, persists after the passage of time.

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