Intel Arc graphics cards are here. He first fights Nvidia and AMD on laptops

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After a very long wait, we have finally seen new standalone mobile graphics cards from Intel’s Arc series (also known as the A series). Intel has divided the range of models into three levels, similar to what it does with processors.

The lowest series is the Intel Arc 3, the more powerful variants belong to the Arc 5 and the most powerful is the Arc 7. The division is exactly according to the TDP in the given category, so the Arc 3 is the A350M and 370M, which have a TDP in the range of 25W to 50W. are built on the DG2-128 chip with 7.2 billion transistors.

The Intel Arc 5 series currently includes only one A550M model with a TDP of 60 W to 80 W, depending on the settings, and the most powerful Arc 7 series includes two A730M and A770M models, which have a TDP in the 80 W to 150 W range. All Arc 5 and Arc models 7 are based on the DG2-512 chip with 21.7 billion transistors.

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The basic version of the Intel Arc A350 has 6 Xe cores, the same number of ray tracing cores and 4 GB of GDDR6 memory. On the contrary, the most powerful variant of the Arc A770M already has 32 Xe cores and 16 GB of GDDR6 memory. Intel has all chips manufactured by TSMC using 6nm technology (N6)

Intel boasts that the graphics have both a hardware decoder and an AV1 encoder, and that they can work effectively (performance and consumption) with integrated graphics in Intel processors within Deep Link technology.

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The Arc 3 models, the more powerful variants, will not be available on the market until the second quarter. Intel doesn’t even have the final XeSS yet, which is a DLSS or FSR-style image optimization that won’t be ready until the summer. The question is how many games will actually support this technology.

There are no independent tests available yet, so we still have to wait for a real demonstration of performance and comparison with models from AMD and Nvidia. Intel only has meaningless comparisons with Xe integrated graphics.

For control and additional functions, Intel has prepared Arc Control software, where you can easily update drivers, edit card properties, record and stream images, and more.

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The first notebook with Intel Arc 3 graphics will be the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro, other models will be on the market in the coming weeks and months. Prices for laptops with Intel Arc graphics will start at $ 899, or about 25,000 crowns.

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