Intel goes to Europe with 80 billion euros. He will build a factory in Germany and expand the Irish one

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Intel announced today, six months after the announcement of large European investments, where it will go to its prepared 80 billion euros. The first 33 billion will start to be spent in Germany, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain and Poland.

It will build a brand new semiconductor plant in our western neighbors in the city of Magdeburg (Saxony-Anhalt), the entire complex will cost 17 billion euros. Construction will begin in the first half of next year, serial production will begin during 2027.

There, Intel is counting on state-of-the-art manufacturing processes for the “Angstrom era,” which is in its new lithography terminology called Intel 20A and 18A. In the old one, however, it was 5nm and 5nm +. He wanted to start the second one in American factories in two years, so in Germany it may be a bit more advanced.

It will need 7,000 people to build, then employ 3,000 top engineers, and tens of thousands more should find work in the area. Germany will only confirm its status as a European semiconductor center, as large factories already have GlobalFoundries, Infineon, Bosch, Texas Instruments and others there.

Another 12 billion euros will go to the Irish city of Leixlip, where Intel will double the capacity of its only current European center. It currently produces 14nm chips there, but after the modernization it counts on the Intel 4 process (7nm according to the old roadmaps).

As many as 4.5 billion will go to Italy, where Intel wants to build a support factory for chip encapsulation and component assembly. 1500 new jobs will be created directly for him and another 3500 for partners. It expects to operate sometime between 2025 and 2027. By the way, it will also produce chips in Italy once it takes over Tower Semiconductor.

And what about the other places mentioned? In France (Plateau de Saclay), in 2024, it will launch a research and development center for up to 1,000 people who will deal with high-performance computers and artificial intelligence. It will expand its AI center by half in Gdańsk, Poland. He will build a supercomputer center in Barcelona, ​​Spain, which will deal with the development of zettascale technologies.

In addition, it will expand its cooperation with major universities and research institutes: IMEC (Belgium), Technical University Delft (Netherlands), CEA-Leti (France) and Fraunhofer Institut (Germany).

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