iPad 2021 and iPad Mini 2021, Apple’s tablets to close the year

iPad 2021 and iPad Mini 2021

They weren’t at the top of the list, but finally we did have a review of the iPad and, especially, the iPad Mini on California Streaming. And to start the event, in addition, in what perhaps we can understand as the signal that, of all the novelties presented today by Apple, those related to its family of tablets are, especially in the large-size model, the least remarkable . Be careful, I am not saying that there are none, but I do say that unlike last year’s announcements, much more striking, in this case we find a not so remarkable review.

iPad 2021

The first device we have seen in California Streaming has been the iPad from the end of 2021. What’s new? Well, mainly that now it has the Apple A13 Bionic SoC , that is, the chip that we find inside the iPhone 11 . As we already told you at the time, we are talking about a chip manufactured in 7 nanometers that integrates a CPU with two high-performance cores at 2.65 gigahertz and another four with low consumption. In the graphics section, the GPU has four graphics cores, and its integrated dedicated to AI, its neural unit, we find nothing less than eight cores.

The other great novelty of the iPad has to do with the image, specifically with the set formed by its ISP (Image Signal Processor) and the front camera , which has been updated to an ultra-wide-angle model of 12 megapixels, with a viewing angle 122 degrees. These improvements are in addition to those of ipadOS 15, which with Center Stage and True Tone technologies aims to improve what the iPad offers both for video recording and, above all, the videoconferences that we maintain with it.

This is, as I have indicated before, a minor update. Is it worth upgrading from the previous version? It does not seem like it, the interest begins to increase as we go back further into the past. In the US market it can be ordered from today and will begin to be delivered next week. Its price across the pond starts at $ 329 . We will update the price when we know its amount in Spain.

iPad 2021 and iPad Mini 2021, Apple's tablets to close the year

iPad Mini 2021

The frame size of the iPad Mini has been reduced substantially, which has allowed it to keep the same size as previous versions and, however, the size of its screen has jumped to 8.3 inches, compared to 7, 9 inches from previous models. Regarding it, its screen offers a brightness of up to 500 nits and has anti-glare technology .

And how have they managed to reduce the size of the frame? As expected, the Home button has finally disappeared from the front, and for biometric identification the Touch ID sensor has been moved to the power button , on the top right of the tablet. Is this what awaits us in the iPhone 14 next year? It is still early to place bets, but it is becoming increasingly clear to me that this will be the case.


Regarding its performance, inside we will find a brand new A15 Bionic , which makes it a twin of the iPhone 13. And in the absence of testing it, everything we have known about this SoC so far points to the fact that the performance that we will experience will which will be a great leap from the 2019 model, and even more from the previous ones.

Another very interesting novelty is that the iPad Mini has said goodbye to the lightning connector, which has been replaced by a USB-C port , which is a great improvement in terms of its connectivity with external devices. The truth is, it is surprising that Apple shows such a willingness to adopt this industry standard on all its devices except for its smartphone. Their reasons will have, I do not doubt it, but neither do I hide that it is striking to me.

iPad 2021 and iPad Mini 2021, Apple's tablets to close the year

Additionally, its image capture has also been improved with the same 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera and True Tone flash that we have already seen on the iPad . And, of course, from the hand of the same also the technologies of the operating system, with which it will improve everything related to video capture, either for editing or in real time to hold videoconferences.

The iPad Mini has been compatible with the first-generation Apple Pencil for a few years now. Now comes the jump, because with the new iPad Mini it will also be possible to use the second generation , which until now was reserved only for the Pro models of Apple tablets. And this seems like a great success to me, I know some designers who have been waiting for this for some time, because the combination of the functions of the second generation Pencil with the extreme portability of the Mini make them a winning combo.

Availability? In the United States, the new iPad Mini can be ordered from today and deliveries will begin on Friday, September 24. In the absence of knowing its price in our country, we can tell you that it will start at $ 499 in the United States .

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