Apple Introduces iPhone 13: Specifications and Pricing

Apple Introduces iPhone 13: Specifications and Pricing

Today was the big day . Apple has presented the iPhone 13 , and in the end it has confirmed almost all the leaks that we had seen so far and that, as you will remember, we share with you as a general summary in this article , where we start from a leak generated by a manufacturer of covers.

Apple has made a fairly conservative bet with the iPhone 13. As we can see in the attached images, Apple has used the same base design that we saw in the iPhone 12, although it has changed the arrangement of the rear cameras , which now come diagonally. On the front, we have the classic upper notch that Apple has been using since the days of the iPhone X, although it has been slightly reduced. This notch contains the sensors, and the key elements, to bring Face ID to life.

Internally, Apple claims to have carried out a complete redesign to be able to introduce important improvements, among which the battery has stood out. If you are wondering yes, Apple has confirmed the i Phone 13 and the iPhone 13 mini , a terminal, the latter, which came to be questioned. In the end, Apple has preferred to keep the “youngest” of the family to reach a greater number of users.

iPhone 13

The screen remains at 6.1 inches on the iPhone 13 and 5.4 inches on the mini model. As we can see in the attached image, Apple has used custom OLED panels , and has improved some things compared to the previous generation. We do not have details on the resolution of each terminal, but we will update as soon as we have that information.

Apple Introduces iPhone 13: Specifications and Pricing 30

As for the chip, Apple has mounted the new A15 SoC in the iPhone 13, a very advanced silicon that maintains the six-core configuration, divided into a high-performance block (two cores) and a high-efficiency block (four cores). The GPU is a custom Apple solution, it has a 16-core neural processing unit.

SoC Apple A15
SoC Apple A15

We jump now to talk about the cameras. Apple has kept the 12 MP dual rear camera setup , where the main one works as wide angle and the secondary one as wide angle. The front camera is 12 MP, and as we anticipate it has everything you need to offer advanced 3D facial recognition, the well-known FaceID interface .

iPhone 13 cameras
Apple Introduces iPhone 13: Specifications and Pricing 36

Among the most important news we can highlight the arrival of night mode to all cameras . In the attached image you can see its most important keys.

iPhone 13 cameras

Now we have to talk about autonomy. According to Apple, the iPhone 13 offers up to 2.5 hours more autonomy than the iPhone 12 , while the iPhone 13 Mini offers up to 1.5 hours more autonomy than the iPhone 12 mini. These are values ​​that, according to Apple, it has managed to achieve thanks to the improvements in terms of efficiency offered by the SoC A15, and also thanks to the increase in battery capacity.

battery iPhone 13
Apple Introduces iPhone 13: Specifications and Pricing 40

In the image below, you can find a complete summary with the specifications, and the most interesting features of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, among which we can highlight the IP68 certification , the cinematic mode (video recording), the new SoC A15, the expansion of the storage capacity in the base version, which goes from 64 GB to 128 GB, as rumored, and the reduction of the front notch. How could it be otherwise, this model supports 5G, and is built in aluminum and glass. 

Apple Introduces iPhone 13: Specifications and Pricing 42

The iPhone 13 will retail for $ 799 , and the iPhone will cost $ 699 . They are prices that fall within what is expected, and that should be translated, at the exchange rate in euros, at 909 euros and 809 euros in Spain , respectively. It will be available in configurations with up to 512GB of storage capacity.

Apple Introduces iPhone 13: Specifications and Pricing 44

We finish with the iPhone 13 in its two versions, and we will talk about the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, two models that maintain the design of the previous generation, and also the finish in steel and glass . The front notch is also 20% smaller, and they have three cameras at the rear. There are no major changes, as expected.

iphone 13 pro


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