¿Es el iPhone SE tan resistente como dice Apple? Parece que sí

Is it as tough as Apple says? It looks like it is

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Today marks two weeks of the presentation of the iPhone SE and, these days, it seems that in general the reception has been good, as we already told you here. The media that have tried it give it, in general, very good marks, and while waiting for the opinions of its first users, it seems that in Cupertino they have managed to play the right key again, and that taking into account that, as we have already counted, it is a device with lights and shadows.

Among the first, it stands out without a doubt the choice of the A15 Bionic SoC, the top of the range from Apple, to motorize this third generation iPhone SE. And it is that, in this regard, it has nothing to envy the iPhone 13 family, including its top of the range, the impressive iPhone 13 Pro Max. On the less good side, we find a totally unexpected price increase and contrary to what was predicted by many analysts, who were betting on a falling price, and with a design with a bezel that no user would accept in another device of that price, if not signed by Apple.

Be that as it may, one of the points that was emphasized in the presentation of the iPhone SE 2022 wasand the glass used in its construction. As we told you during the presentation, those from Cupertino stated that the glass used is the hardest that has ever been used in a terminal of its class. And to give a closer reference, they told us that for the iPhone SE they have used the same type of glass that we have already seen in the iPhone 13, and that it is indeed very resistant.

So, something we have been waiting for a long time is a test of such resistance. And the good news is that, as we can read in Mac Rumors, the US insurer Allstate Protection Plans has already carried out this test, subjecting an iPhone SE 2022 to several drops in different positionsto measure their incidence and, of course, the resistance of the glass used by Apple in its manufacture.

Is the iPhone SE as tough as Apple says?  It looks like it is

And the results seem quite positive. As we can read, there is a great evolution in the resistance of the iPhone SE 2022 with respect to the 2020 model. In a fall from six feet (about two meters) on pavement with the screen down, that is, causing it to absorb a large blow part, there were only a few light scratches on itand that the SE does not have all the protection elements of the same that integrates the iPhone 13.

The result was worse when the iPhone SE hit the ground with its back, from the same height and with the same type of ground. In this fall the glass did crack visibly. This, given that the glass used is supposed to be the same on both the front and the back, indicates that the resistance of the front is due not only to the glass used, but also to other parameters and elements that are part of the design. Of the same.

For its part, in the lateral drop test the result was also good, as this resulted in only a small scratch on the aluminum frame that forms the outline of the iPhone SE. In this regard, the result was the same as that obtained by the iPhone 13 in the same test carried out by the insurer.

Since the iPhone SE 2022 is IP67 certified, it was also subjected to a test to check its resistance to water, test that also passed. Specifically, she immersed herself in a tank of water one meter deep for 30 minutes. After this test, it was removed from the mobile working perfectly, with only a small distortion in its speaker, which resolved itself after about an hour.

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