IT companies will evaluate the effectiveness of digital business transformation in Russia

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Leading IT companies will conduct an independent study of the speed and effectiveness of digital transformation in Russia. This is the first such initiative on the part of software developers, which will provide objective data on the readiness of a business to actively use software tools to automate internal processes. CNews was informed about this by representatives of Lanit.

The initiators of the study are the Russian Association of BPM professionals, Artezio (part of the Lanit group) and Comindware.

Representatives of Russian business, regardless of the form of ownership, can take part in the survey until July 30, 2022. The answers received will allow us to accurately determine the needs of private and state companies in automation tools.

“Research is another channel of communication with potential customers of modern software solutions. It is important to understand which tools will be in demand by businesses in the long term, and which domestic software solutions are expected by the market right now. The changes that have already taken place in the software market in Russia may encourage the Russian IT sector to invest in the creation of its own technologies with the potential for long-term development,” said the director of the Artezio development center Dmitry Parshin.

Comindware and the association of BPM professionals emphasize the importance of research for the Russian business community.

“We believe that the results of the study will be useful not only for developers, but also for businesses. They will help to assess the degree of spread of new technologies, to trace the impact of automation on increasing competitiveness. There are still many companies in Russia that do not use the possibilities of digital tools. We want to make the domestic experience of digital transformation as accessible as possible. Through participation in the study, companies will be able to share their cases of implementing new technologies. The results of the survey will be open for publication and discussion,” said the head of the digital initiatives group at Comindware. Anton Ermakov.

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The first results of the study will be published in early September 2022.


Artezio is a private company founded in 2000. It specializes in software development and consulting services in the field of software development. Since 2005, Artezio has been part of the Lanit group of companies. Artezio specialists have completed more than 1000 projects for clients from Russia, Western Europe, Israel, Japan, the USA and Canada.

Lanit – “Laboratory of new information technologies” – a diversified group of IT companies. Established in 1989. Provides a full range of IT services. Lanit is a partner of more than 280 major world manufacturers of equipment and software solutions in the field of high technologies. Lanit team – 14.1 thousand people.

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