IT marketplace Market.CNews published the first rating of Kubernetes providers in Russia 2021

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IT marketplace Market.CNews published the first rating of Kubernetes providers in Russia 2021. Analysts compared the functionality, supported versions, the duration of the test period and other characteristics. Based on the rating, a Kubernetes target is built – a visual representation of the current market situation.

To compare Kubernetes providers, the editors of the Market.CNews IT marketplace have developed a comprehensive methodology based on 7 criteria that most closely meets the needs of the market.

Kubernetes Provider Ranking 2021

Comparison of providers was carried out according to the following criteria:

  1. Functional.
  2. Additional features.
  3. Hypervisors.
  4. Test period and its limitations.
  5. Available versions.
  6. Version update mode.
  7. Solution cost.

For each of the criteria, a scoring system was developed. Then the points were added up. According to this amount, the rating participants were ranked: the more points, the higher the place. Detailed rules for scoring are given on the rating page

Go to the 2021 Kubernetes Provider Ranking

As you can see from the rating, most providers have already mastered the basic functionality, – comments on the situation Yuri Khomutsky, Director of the Market.CNews project. – But not all of them have implemented additional features yet. In terms of virtualization, we see two camps adherents of VMware and OpenStack. The duration of the test period also differs significantly. When choosing a provider, you should pay attention to all these nuances.

The leader of the rating is the Managed Kubernetes solution from Selectel. It has wide functionality and wide additional features at very low prices. 6 versions of Kubernetes are available to users at once (from 1.16 to 1.21 inclusive), and their update can be performed both in manual and automatic modes. The test period is 1 month.

The second place goes to Managed Kubernetes from TietoEVRY. It is also worth noting here the wide functionality and additional features, coupled with the low cost of the service. There are three versions of Kubernetes available to users, which are automatically updated. The test period is 1 month.

Table 1. Top 5 Kubernetes Providers 2021

Place ISP Points total
one Selectel 442
2 TietoEVRY 441
3 IBS DataFort 422
4 Taxonomy ( 397
5 VK Cloud Solutions 383

Source: Market.CNews. Full version

In third place is IBS Datafort, which offers three solutions at once: within DevopsPlatform, DF Cloud Kubernetes and VMware Tanzu. They are built on virtualization Virtuozzo, VMware and VMware Tanzu. Kubernetes versions 1.18 to 1.21 are available to users. The test period is 14 days.

Kubernetes Overview 2021

Kubernetes Rankings released as part of corresponding review – a selection of materials from the editors of the Market.CNews IT marketplace and industry experts.

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Target CNews Kubernetes 2021

Based on the collected information, it became possible to build a CNews target – a graphical visualization of the assessment of the proposed solutions (see Figure 1). The closer the supplier’s offer is to the center of the target, the more affordable and balanced it is. Offset along the axes characterizes weak points.

Rice. 1. Target CNews Kubernetes 2021

Important findings

For the sake of fairness, we note that Kubernetes is not currently considered as an independent part of the cloud market. Rather, there is still a generally recognized IaaS market that everyone knows and understands. And there are a lot of services based on IaaS, each of which, although it is a separate service, is considered part of IaaS in the minds of people.

This is exactly the case in Kubernetes. The basis of the service is still infrastructural. All the same, you need the same virtual processor cores, memory, storage. Of the additional value, only the software for managing containers, the orchestrator.

This is probably one of the reasons why the growth of the Kubernetes market has been talked about for a long time, but the numbers do not show it. Since Kubernetes is based on IaaS, it can be taken into account by providers as the sale of IaaS resources, and not PaaS.

Providers with the most developed platform services offer 2-3 options for implementing Kubernetes – on different control and virtualization systems. The rest still have one Kubernetes variant in their arsenal.

Basic functionality, such as a load balancer, the ability to scale automatically, the availability of an API and a built-in monitoring system, is implemented in one form or another for all providers that took part in the rating.

But not everyone has additional features (auto-healing, using SSD NVMe, support for Terraform).

Rating and review feedback can be sent by email [email protected] marked KUBER in the subject line.

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