It started 15 years ago. Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone

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Exactly 15 years ago, Steve Jobs showed the world the first iPhone – a device that subsequently revolutionized mobile phones. Although its features or hardware may seem smiling today, it caused a stir at the time. In a period article, we wrote that the iPhone would “bring smartphones to its knees” and we weren’t really wrong. The hegemons of that time (Nokia, Sony Ericsson, BlackBerry, HTC) no longer exist, do not do business in phones, or play only a small role in business.

The first iPhone brought a large 3.5 “touch screen at the time, which you could only control with your fingertips, an intuitive graphical environment, a proximity sensor that turned off the display when attached to the ear, landscape mode and many other groundbreaking innovations, which were then taken over by others manufacturers.

On the other hand, the iPhone also had its flies: for example, it could not take video, it did not support MMS messages. At that time, he couldn’t even work with applications, as we know them today, it was basically not a smartphone and he couldn’t handle 3G networks. Nevertheless, he found a lot of people’s favor and when sales were launched in mid-2007, there was a huge interest in him, despite higher prices. The first million iPhones were sold in 5 days.

As it was then

There are many milestones in the history of mobile phones. 15 years have just passed since one of the most important on January 9. A MacWorld conference was held in San Francisco, and Apple CEO Steve Jobs stepped into the podium and said, “From time to time, a revolutionary product comes that will change everything. Today is the day, today is the day we reinvent the phone.“And he was right. This keynote went down in history as did the device itself.

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13 years have passed since the keynote at which Steve Jobs introduced the world to the revolutionary iPhone

Apple’s product, the result of several years of work, was completely different from the smartphones of the time. According to Steve Jobs, they were clumsy and too complicated. On the contrary, its goal was to create a maximally simple device that everyone can intuitively handle. Smartphone for everyone. Although it is true that from the beginning its price was high – $ 399 (with a contract with the operator).

5 years before other phones

That’s also why Apple aimed to reduce the price and expand the number of markets where it was officially sold. That worked with the next generation. The improved 3G model was available in America for $ 199 and the number of countries where it was officially sold gradually rose to 70. Among them was the Czech Republic, the iPhone 3G launched at all three operators on August 22, 2008.

Introduction of the first iPhone:

Jobs discarded the buttons and stylus, nothing is as good as the ten fingers we are born with. The user interface and agility with which the iPhone responded to touch was something unprecedented. Apple came up with multi-touch control and managed to eliminate user confusion. He had an accelerometer and zooming by stretching his fingers looked amazing. Other manufacturers managed to reach the same level of user comfort in this direction about 5 years later.

Everyone wanted to touch

The iPhone had only a few hardware buttons. It was unthinkable at the time, smartphones like the Motorola Q, Palm Treo and Nokia E62 at the time had a hardware QWERTY keyboard and countless other function keys. But Jobs understood that each application required a different set of keys, so he just got rid of them.

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The number of buttons has not changed for a long time for the next generations of the iPhone

Apple worked on the development of such a revolutionary device for two and a half years and managed to keep everything under wraps. As soon as he appeared, he became a phenomenon. And actually even earlier, before the premiere itself …

IPhone users wanted to, queues stood on them and phones were sent from America all over the world. The bad language success of the iPhone was hard to bear, and nothing has changed in 15 years. Apple has created a phenomenon and lifestyle. Marketing, the way of selling took place to a new level, and every performance of Steve Jobs associated with the premiere of new products was a carefully thought-out show.

You don’t need to know everything, just what people want

Opponents of Apple, although they often use a smartphone that probably wouldn’t exist in its current form without the iPhone, like to describe the iPhone as an overpriced toy for snobs. They used to ridicule its simplicity and limited set of features, but those times are long gone. Today we are witnessing a regular race between iOS and Android. Apple is not afraid to wait for the implementation of the new feature, but often it can do better.

But Apple, led by Jobs, understood another thing that others had missed until then, or had failed to implement it. Device and content connection. You can conveniently buy music, apps, books, magazines, movies, and download it all to your mobile (and later to your iPad) in no time. The business model that others are following today.

In short and simply, whether you love the iPhone or hate it, its impact on the entire mobile industry cannot be denied. Apple hit black, the others followed for many years and sets the trends to this day. Although the year-on-year technological shift can no longer be considered revolutionary, Apple can still make enough arguments for hundreds of millions of customers around the world to buy its cell phones every year.

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