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Jason Momoa could star in the Minecraft movie

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After passing through Game of Thrones, Aquaman, or the most recent Dune, it seems that the next great title in which we could see the recognizable actor would be none other than the first film adaptation of the popular building game Minecraft.

This has been reported by The Hollywood Reporter, who assure that Momoa is currently negotiating his possible collaboration in the next movie of this game. Although it is worth mentioning that at the moment there is no signed contract, the possible incorporation of Momoa (already included in the IMBD file) is an encouraging sign of life for a film that has been in the background for years in the chronology. from Warner Bros.

And it is that the cinematographic would have originally planned the premiere of this film for the past month of March of this year, a date that could not be reached, among other things, due to the innumerable production delays resulting from the outbreak of the pandemic. Although the problems of this adaptation go back even further, since the first team of director and writers left the film in 2014 due to creative differences with Mojang.

As we said, this signing would join the recent confirmations of Jared Hess of Napoleon Dynamite as the person in charge of directing the film, along with Dune producers Mary Parent and Roy Lee, which would assure us that the studio would be actively resuming the production of this film. In fact, since the Minecraft rights lease expires in January 2023, production on the film is assured to begin before then.

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However, with quite a few details about it, at the moment it is not clear what role Momoa will play in the film, as it is completely unknown to what extent the characters and elements of the game will be integrated. Although it is a leading role, we can’t think of anyone other than the well-known Steve.

Although to the disappointment of many, we will not see any interpretation of this actor cutting down trees or chopping up walls, since the Minecraft movie will arrive in an animation format, and not a live-actiontherefore limiting the presence of the actor to his dubbing.

What is confirmed, however, will be the main story of the film, which will follow the story of the main minecraft campaign: «The malevolent Ender Dragon has awakened, bringing with it a path of destruction, leading a girl and her group of unlikely adventurers to enter the underworld to save the world.«.

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