Jet Infosystems will replace popular SAS products with self-developed systems based on the Jet Galatea platform

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Jet Infosystems offered the market to replace SAS modules with products of its own design. The Jet Galatea platform is included in the unified register of Russian software in 2020 and is being successfully implemented in large Russian companies. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Jet Infosystems.

In the spring of 2022, SAS announced its withdrawal from Russia and the termination of contracts with customers. Now many large Russian companies are looking for a replacement for its products. The most popular of them are SAS MA (Marketing Automation) marketing campaign planning and customer interaction systems, SAS RTDM (Real-Time Decision Manager) decision support and data analysis, and SAS ESP (Event Stream Processing) real-time event processing. ). All the functionality of these products has already been implemented on the Jet Galatea platform, developed by Jet Infosystems.

Platform advantages: flexible architecture that allows you to quickly transfer data and ML models to the platform and use them in your work; universality – analysts, marketing staff and other users work with common objects and interfaces; convenient decision support tools; the ability to quickly implement prototypes and work with various types of machine learning models; centralized management of all data flows and access rights; centralized repository of models and rules.

SAS RTDM (Real-Time Decision Manager) is proposed to be replaced by a decision-making and customer relationship automation system implemented on the Jet Galatea platform. It analyzes data and makes recommendations for decision making and customer interaction. At the same time, users themselves can set up branched business rules and build interaction in processes.

SAS MA (Marketing Automation) can replace the system for working with marketing promotions, also developed on the Jet Galatea platform. With its help, marketers can identify target segments, prioritize, choose communication channels, test and run campaigns, and analyze results.

SAS ESP (Event Stream Processing) is successfully replaced by a streaming analytics system that analyzes structured and unstructured data in real time. The Jet Galatea platform was originally developed as a real-time event processing system, so the streaming analytics functionality has been carefully developed.

“Solutions developed on our Jet Galatea platform are in no way inferior to SAS modules and even surpass them in terms of interface convenience and functionality. At the same time, we are ready to customize our systems in accordance with the specifics of the business and provide additional functionality at the request of the customer,” said Dmitry Kulagin, director of the data management center of the IT company Jet Infosystems.

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Jet Infosystems is a Russian IT company. Since 1991, he has been working in the system integration market, implementing more than 1000 projects annually, many of which are unique in scale and complexity. The staff is more than 1800 employees.

The company has more than 10 offices and representative offices in Russia and the CIS and has projects in other countries. No. 1 among the largest providers of data center infrastructure (CNews Analytics, 2020), one of the top 3 largest integrators in Russia in the field of information security (CNews Analytics, 2020).

Key areas of activity: IT infrastructure, networks and engineering systems, IT outsourcing, information security, machine learning, custom software development, implementation and maintenance of enterprise-level business applications, industrial security and IoT.

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