Lizaalert, Vkontakte and Beeline join forces to develop search and rescue activities

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The Lizaalert squad, the social network Vkontakte and the telecommunications operator Beeline are joining forces and technologies to develop volunteer search and rescue activities in Russia. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Beeline.

The partners developed and launched a VKontakte chatbot in the Lizaalert official community. It will help users learn more about the work of the squad and speed up any communication, including when searching for people. Also, through the bot, it will be possible to join the ranks of Lizaalert volunteers in different regions of Russia. All this will reduce the load on the squad’s hotline and direct more resources to solving issues that only a person can handle.

To start chatting with the bot, just send him “Hi”. Its main feature is to provide assistance “here and now”. For example, if a user has information about a missing person, he will promptly contact the moderator through the chat bot. Also, the bot can advise what to do in the first place if a person is missing, and what to do in emergency situations: when meeting with lost children and elderly people.

In addition, the chatbot will help you keep track of current searches and join them as volunteers. You can receive squad news on Vkontakte in messages from the Lizaalert community or via SMS: to do this, you need to subscribe to the newsletter on the portal – notifications will be free for subscribers of all operators.

To help promote the chatbot and increase the number of volunteers in the ranks of Lizaalert, Vkontakte launched a special advertising campaign designed to draw as much attention as possible to the project.

Earlier, Vkontakte and Beeline supported the documentary series Restless Nights. LizaAlert” on the activities of the search and rescue team. The series was filmed in collaboration with the Missing Persons Search Center. Each episode contains documentary footage of rescue operations and the daily routine of thousands of volunteers across the country. The picture has gained millions of views among the Russian-speaking audience.

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Grigory Sergeev, chairman of the Lizaalert search and rescue team: “It is vital for us to constantly develop, participate in systemic partnerships, attract the experience of large businesses and the capabilities of modern technologies. Previously, our trilateral collaboration with Vkontakte and Beeline showed excellent results in the creation and promotion of the third season of the documentary series LizaAlert. restless nights.” Then, by joint efforts, we managed to achieve serious audience coverage. I am sure that our cooperation will be crowned with success again, and the chatbot will help us attract new volunteers.”


Vimpelcom PJSC (Beeline brand) is part of the VEON group of companies, an international telecommunications company offering its customers communications and Internet services.

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