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Loginet introduced a new functionality of the platform – “White List”. It will allow carriers to provide partners with the necessary data and documents for drivers and fleet in advance. Thus, cargo owners will be able to form in advance lists of reliable contractors that meet the requirements necessary for the company. The new functionality will significantly reduce the load of logistics managers and optimize routine processes. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Loginet.

The new service, if there is a partnership between the cargo owner and the transport company, allows the contractors to send in advance the resources and documents necessary for the customer for drivers, vehicles, and trailers for approval. If there are specific parameters, an additional section is provided that allows you to configure additional fields. Cargo owners, in turn, will be able to familiarize themselves with the documents, as well as decide whether to reject the request or accept it with the acceptance period fixed.

The update will become especially relevant for the transportation of expensive goods, as well as goods that require special conditions during transportation and the presence of established documents and permits for the driver and transport. Such requirements, for example, are in the pharmaceutical or excise sector.

“White List allows you to significantly simplify and automate the routine processes of a logistics manager, increase the level of transportation safety through pre-screening, due diligence and compliance assessments. There is no need to manually maintain and store such data, all information is presented on the platform. Our task is to make logistics as transparent as possible, eliminate the human factor and enable our users to build new modern algorithms,” said Loginet CEO Oleg Zhendubaev.

The implemented module saves all the necessary information, including information about the participants and stages of approval of the “White List” of carriers, which eliminates the need to check with previously compiled lists that are in the area of ​​responsibility of different structural divisions of the company. The “White List” functionality is not the first Loginet module associated with optimizing work with the resource. Users of the platform also have a “Fleet” section, which meets the necessary legal requirements in terms of maintaining and accounting for parameters that are mandatory for reflection in shipping documentation.

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Loginet was founded in 2010, and today it is an IT platform that connects cargo carriers and shippers in Russia and the CIS countries, which allows automating the supply chain management process. Loginet partners are the largest manufacturing and retail companies. The platform connects more than 150 enterprises and more than 6,000 carriers and cargo owners. More than 100 thousand vehicles fulfill more than 400 thousand orders annually thanks to the platform solutions.

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