M.video-Eldorado launched a round-the-clock express delivery of equipment

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M.video-Eldorado Group announced the launch of a round-the-clock express delivery service for household appliances and electronics from M.video stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The new format has been piloted on the retailer’s website and mobile app.

The service allows you to receive the necessary goods within two hours 24/7. For example, a slow cooker or kettle for cooking, a smartphone for communication, headphones as a gift, a laptop or a charger for work. The service of late express delivery in the M.video mobile application is already used by every 20th buyer. The range of goods available for ordering includes tens of thousands of items of small-sized equipment, and the cost of the service does not change at night. Most often, buyers use fast delivery to their homes or work to buy smartphones and accessories, kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, headphones, and health and beauty products.

Over the past year, the demand for express delivery at M.video has doubled. Self-pickup remains the most popular way to receive goods (67% of all orders), while every fifth order placed in M.video with delivery is received by buyers within two hours by courier by taxi. At the end of 2021, M.video-Eldorado delivered more than 250 thousand express orders, and in the first six months of this year alone, the volume of shipments has already exceeded 305 thousand.

M.video and Eldorado retail chains offer customers from more than 300 cities of presence several formats for receiving orders at once: pickup from a convenient partner store or pickup point from 15 minutes, and express delivery within two hours or at a convenient time interval. In the future, customers will be able to choose different options for receiving goods within a single order.

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The average waiting time for express delivery is about 1.5 hours, the minimum time is 30 minutes. Retailers deliver more than 80% of online orders within 24 hours to 75% of Russian cities.

Director for Customer Service and Digital Experience of M.video-Eldorado Retail Network Dmitry Marykin, said: “M.video-Eldorado” continues to develop fulfillment in the direction of increasing the speed of service and the variability of methods for delivering goods to customers. The launch of 24/7 ordering was made possible by an extensive retail network, including convenience stores, and a unique technology stack and One Retail platform that allows you to shop comfortably anywhere. Our retail infrastructure, implemented on the digital dark store model, allows us to ensure that the order is ready for pickup within 15 minutes or fast delivery. Each store is not only a technology showroom and a place where you can get expert advice, but also an extensive warehouse. The new round-the-clock express delivery service allows you to quickly receive the necessary equipment, for example, in the event of an unexpected breakdown or the need to find a gift. Since the launch of the round-the-clock delivery service, the average time from creation to receipt of an order has been less than an hour, taking into account the fact that orders are delivered throughout the city up to 30 km from the store.

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