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Users of Mail can now quickly and efficiently work with letters in a foreign language – a built-in translation has appeared in the mobile application. This was reported to CNews by representatives of VK.

The received letter can be translated into English, German, Spanish, French and Russian and answered in these languages. For example, if the input is in Spanish, you can read it in Russian and write an answer through a translator. To do this, click on the “More” item in the menu, select “Translate letter” and the language. The functionality is currently on the iOS platform, but will soon appear on Android.

Translation of letters is already available and is well known to users of the web version – most often in the “Mail” they translate text from English into Russian. To translate a new letter, you need to select the translation icon: the source text will open on the left, and the translation on the right. To translate an incoming email in the desktop version, select the ellipsis in the panel above the email or opposite the sender field, or press Shift+T. By the way, the average user reopens the original text after translation.

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