Mandatory Windows equipment. The 7-Zip archiver has several extra features

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The last issue last December was followed by several months of development so that Igor Pavlov would have something to please his audience. 7-Zip 22.00 boasts a number of novelties, although as usual, many of them are highly technical, some you will not notice.

Last year’s first release came after three years of development, so this year’s wait was quite short for the developer. As of version 21.07, the following modifications have been made, most of which target a relatively narrow and hardcore audience:

  • 7-Zip supports unpacking Apple File System (APFS) images that can be used in DMG files. APFS premiered in iOS 10.3 and macOS 10.13 in 2017.
  • 7-Zip creates a TAR archive in Pax format, thanks to the -ttar -mm = pax or -ttar -mm = posix switches.
  • 7-Zip stores additional file timestamps with high precision in tar / pax archives, thanks to the switches: -ttar -mm = pax -mtp = 3 -mtc -mta.
  • New switches for Linux variants of TAR archives:
    • -snoi to store the owner or group identifier in the archive, or to set the owner or group identifier for the extracted files.
    • -snon to store the owner or group name in the archive.
  • New -snz switch to propagate the Zone.Identifier value in relation to the extracted files. Applies only to Windows where the feature is used. You can also turn it on in the graphical user interface.
  • The Options item in the Add to Archive window has been added. Lets you specify which metadata must be included in the archive. Also in this window you will mark a completely new preference, which will not change the time of the last access to the source files.
  • A few bugs have been fixed.

Sources: list of changes in 7-Zip

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