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Mark Zuckerberg confirms the arrival of NFTs on Instagram

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Beyond its own value, when we talk about NFTs, we cannot avoid talking about a growing trend and rapid expansion in all areas. And of course, speaking of powerful fashions, Mark Zuckerberg could not be left out, who has announced that Meta plans to implement non-fungible tokens on Instagram “in the short term”.

An announcement that does not stop surprising us given the latest statements by Adam Mosseri, the highest position of Instagram, who already last year he declared that the company was «actively exploring NFTs«; as well as the parent company’s own reinvention, renamed Meta to show its commitment to the cutting edge of technology and the metaverse.

Instagram NFTs

As shared by Engadget, Zuckerberg confirmed at SXSW (the South by Southwest festival) that collectibles facilitated by blockchain would arrive on this social network in the near future, although he did not want to divulge exactly what the company had planned for this highly criticized technology. While Zuckerberg stated that “not ready to announce exactly what it will be today“He did confirm that in the coming months Instagram should have the «ability to incorporate some of your NFTsas well as the ability to mint new NFTs on the platform.

The reference to the option to mint your own NFTs makes us think of the recent measures taken by other companies such as Twitter or Reddit, which have recently allowed users to make their profile picture an NFT. And it is that currently this social network is already based on the free insertion of images, so its character could be more linked to the monetary term.

However, with this we cannot fail to anticipate the arrival of other buy-sell options, being able to turn Instagram into an exchange platform for these tokens. In addition, the incorporation of NFTs could even end up related to the already present part of in-app purchases.

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