“Marusya” learned to call and write SMS

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VK’s Marusya voice assistant can now call and write SMS to contacts from the smartphone’s address book. These features will be useful when your hands are busy or you can not be distracted by extraneous activities, for example, while cooking or driving.

The options work in the Marusi app for Android and iOS. It is enough to give the name of the subscriber and say what “Marusya” should do: call or write to him. In the first case, she will open a dialing window, in the second she will enter the dictated text and add it to the application for sending SMS. After that, you will need to confirm dialing or sending a message by pressing the appropriate button. This avoids accidental calls and SMS.

The new features of Marusya will help users make calls and send SMS in any situation – even when their hands are busy or there is no need to be distracted. “Marusya” can be asked to call a friend, standing in a traffic jam, or to the management company, if suddenly a pipe burst and you have to eliminate the consequences of the flood. You can ask your mom for advice via SMS when you cook a dish according to her signature recipe. Or ask a friend how long to wait for him, when on the street you don’t want to get a smartphone for a long time.

In addition, “Marusya” knows the phone numbers of all emergency services: ambulance, fire department, emergency gas service and others. The voice assistant can be asked to call them, even if these numbers are not in the address book.

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