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Russian consumers have become more actively interested in buying goods on the secondary market. The total traffic on the websites of 14 popular classifieds (advertising sites; – approx. CNews) and resale platforms has grown by 33% this year compared to January-July 2021. MegaFon specialists came to such conclusions based on an analysis of large data.

Growth accelerated in the second quarter after a number of popular brands exited the Russian market and declining supplies of luxury goods from the US and Europe. Thus, in January-March, the traffic of MegaFon subscribers increased by 23.4% compared to the same months of last year, and in April-June – already by 42.7%.

Specialized resale platforms that work with a certain category of goods – designer clothes, iconic bags, shoes, accessories or consumer electronics – are growing 10 times faster than universal sites. Such platforms offer a convenient service, including delivery, and confirm the quality of goods. For consumers, shopping on such resale platforms is more transparent and safer than buying from strangers, so trust in such sites is growing. In January-July 2022, the traffic of MegaFon subscribers on specialized sites increased by 195% versus 32% on universal sites, although they are still incomparable in terms of the number of visitors.

Resale is one of the main trends in global retail: just over the past year, several large manufacturers of clothing, footwear, and accessories have entered this market at once. According to McKinsey, the global resale market will grow by 10-15% annually over the next decade. Among the reasons are the trend towards conscious consumption and care for the environment and the growing share of the younger generation among buyers.

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The strengthening of the trend towards reasonable consumption among Russians is also confirmed by the MegaFon project. In April, the operator entered the segment of refurbished equipment, together with Smart Bazar, offering customers the opportunity to both sell their old smartphone and get money for it in showrooms across the country, and buy refurbished devices with a profit with a guarantee.

For the first 3 months of the program, sales of refurbished smartphones in the MegaFon online store doubled the plan. Most actively sell and buy refurbished gadgets in those regions where consumers are traditionally the first to try everything new – in Moscow and the region, as well as in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, but partners see an increase in demand in other parts of the country.

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