Megafon will launch an updated voice assistant with unique features

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MegaFon has developed a new functionality for the Eva voice assistant, which will become available to subscribers throughout Russia in the third quarter of 2022.

Megafon offered a voice assistant to a test group of subscribers in July last year. The voice assistant helps you not to miss important calls and protects against voice spam.

Now Eva assigns one of 25 categories to each incoming call: useful call, delivery service, collectors, spam, and others. If the subscriber did not answer the call or dropped it, “Eva” will accept the incoming call, independently determine the source and purpose of the call, maintain the conversation and send a transcript of the missed call to the user in the chat.

During the pilot project, Eva received an average of 120 thousand calls per month, of which about 9% were spam. His “Eva” recognizes with high accuracy thanks to artificial intelligence, quickly analyzing the telephone database and calculating the numbers of spammers. Over the past six months, “Eva” has spoken to spammers for more than 25 days.

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In May alone, the voice assistant listened to 2,562 offers of medical services and 492 financial ones, and also responded to requests from survey organizers 1,427 times. At the same time, Eva helped not to miss 1131 calls from couriers and delivery services. She knows how to keep up a conversation and constantly improves this skill: the longest conversation lasted 12 minutes.

“The modern rhythm of life is changing our habits: people are increasingly turning to voice assistants for help. Eva is a unique combination of a voice secretary and intelligent protection: it does not miss important calls, it reliably blocks voice spam and scammers. Working on “Eva”, we accumulated the best experience and took into account all the needs of our customers. In the third quarter, we will present to subscribers in all regions an updated assistant with functionality that no domestic robot currently offers,” said the commercial director of MegaFon. Pavel Tulubiev.

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