MegaFon zeroed mobile traffic in TenChat

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MegaFon has zeroed out mobile Internet traffic for all its subscribers in TenChat, a Russian business social network. Thanks to the application, MegaFon customers will be able to communicate and find new business contacts without thinking about the state of the account.

Since June 9, Megafon has canceled billing in the service for private and corporate clients. You can use the application without connecting additional options, even with a negative balance.

“In 2022, TenChat has become one of the fastest growing mobile applications in the MegaFon network. In May, mobile traffic in the service grew more than 50 times compared to the beginning of this year. We want to support our clients who are looking for opportunities to develop their own business or a new job, and automatically zero traffic to this growing service,” said Dmitry RudskikhDirector of Product Marketing, MegaFon.

In the TenChat social network, users find partners, jobs, investors, new projects, contractors, potential clients and follow expert content.

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“TenChat already has more than 1 million users, while about 40% of our audience are Megafon subscribers. Our partnership is especially relevant in the current situation, when entrepreneurs and the self-employed are the driving force behind the economy. They make up more than half of TenChat users. Thanks to the zeroing of traffic in our social network from MegaFon, you can solve your business problems without worrying about the state of your account, and at any time find new projects and business opportunities,” said Semyon Tenyaevfounder of the social network TenChat.

According to MegaFon, the largest business activity in the service was recorded in Moscow – the capital of Russia accounted for 18% of the total mobile traffic in TenChat. The ranking of regions with the highest traffic consumption in this application also includes St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Samara and Novosibirsk.

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