Meta no celebrará este año el evento F8 para desarrolladores

Meta will not hold this year’s F8 event for developers

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2022 has not started much better for Meta than it was 2021, which did not improve the situation of 2020 (last year in which Facebook was 365 days), and we can continue going back a few more years. However, 2021 did have something different compared to previous yearsand it is the change of name, from Facebook to Meta and, as the company told us, its change of focus, in which Facebook ceased to be in the center, a position to which its great project would move for the next few years, the Metaverse.

We have already talked about this virtual space on several occasions, so I will not go into it in depth now. Yes, it is true that, at the moment, shadows seem to weigh more than lightsand that, at least in the short term, such an ambitious proposal is unfeasible for many reasons, ranging from the technical requirements to support a platform such as the one proposed by Meta, to the technical difficulties posed by concepts such as digital assets (the fortunate NFT) to be used in different environments, such as in games.

Be that as it may, and if Meta’s commitment to the Metaverse is firm and determined (and not a smoke screen to cover its multiple scandals, an option that we cannot rule out either), then we are in an important moment for a more complete definition, more detailed of what the company wants to do and, therefore, of what all the part of the community interested in participating in its development will have to do. And yes, at this point I am talking especially about developers.

Thus, and since the announcement of the Metaverse by Meta, one of the most anticipated events this year by part of the developer community has been F8, the conference held annually by the company and aimed especially at this group. . However, and as we can read in Yahoo! News, Meta will not finally hold the F8 event this year. Neither face-to-face nor onlinethe meeting is postponed, according to the company, because it needs to advance its transformation project facing the Metaverse.

Meta will not hold this year's F8 event for developers

At first glance, it seems like an honest move on Meta’s part.: they still do not have everything clear, and they prefer to advance in this direction so that, when the time comes to inform the developers, they will already have the necessary base to be able to do it in a more precise way and, therefore, be more useful to them to professionals. From that point of view, it seems like a pretty reasonable decision.

However, and if we think about it, it is striking that a giant such as Meta, announced a change of that importance without having done the homework and that now, almost six months later, this is still on the to-do list. Did Facebook really decide to mortgage its future to a technological platform that it had not yet defined? It sounds surprising, really, and that after six months they are still the same, it sounds even worse. So much so that it is a bit difficult to accept.

In these circumstances, we can only think two things: that Meta is really late with its own project for the future, or that this decision is not really due to that, if not to try to keep a profile as low as possible during this year, waiting for the waters to calm down and his name to stop being so associated with the controversies as it has been happening for a long time. This, of course, would also be understandable, but it is difficult to confess, although in this case the remedy may have been worse than the disease.

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